Baby Face Genes

So you know how I spend my life walking around looking like a teenage mother?

I come by it naturally:

My parents on the right, with my dad holding baby me

(In fact, my dad has been mistaken for the groom at all three of his daughter’s weddings).

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  1. This photo is SO GREAT! So much to note here:
    -Love everyone's clothes. Seriously. Beautiful!
    -My dad had the same glasses as the guy on the left. Big old lenses!
    -Love the church letters in the back, so vintage!

    Yes everyone looks young! Great genes 🙂 People think my dad is my husband all the time. They think he's an ex-football player and I'm his trophy wife.

  2. Wow! That last sentence is so awkward! And reminds me of my own story…I was driving through a toll with my dad – he was in the driver's seat and I was in the back seat – and the woman at the toll booth asked him if I was his wife! I was a teenager at the time and he was middle-aged and looked it – gray and balding. Plus, I was in the backseat…it was so awkward. But not as awkward as the wedding thing.

  3. Also, I like how your "whole life" consists of you walking around looking like a teenage mother. Nothing else going on. Nothing at all.

  4. LOL. That is awesome. The picture is wonderful too. Nothing wrong with eternal youth. 🙂

    Congrats on winning a prize in the 21-Day Challenge too! I am now officially a fan of Kayla's blog too.

  5. I believe this photo was taken at the stake center in Milwaukee during General Conference. In fact I'm pretty sure this was the day the President Benson was sustained as the new prophet and president of the church. A VERY memorable day for me. How nice to share it with our dear friends the Wilsons.

  6. hahahahah That is hilarious!!! I don't think you look that young though. I never would have thought teenage maybe like 19-21. Does it bother you that people think you are so young? Gian and I get it all the time, people think we are in high school too and it!! Gian loves it and then he will say something like "have you been doing your homework in time to graduate? You got to stay up with our class." hahahaha it is funny but I can't stand it at the time. ahhaha But I like that your dad still gets it all the time even what 25 years later? That must be a nice self esteem booster hahahaha. I always thought you would just out grow it at some point. But I am glad people still think he is in his 20's!!! That is seriously wonderful!!!

  7. I sometimes feel as though I will look 16 forever, and I am about to turn 30. It can be frustrating at times, but in the long run will be a good thing, I suppose!

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