I don’t talk tons about Bart here because I’m rather allergic to being publicly sappy, but I just called him to tell him that we got a new receptionist at my office and, well, he acted so interested about this most mundane of topics, that you need to know all the other awesome things about him.

1) Last night, we got home from his last day of class at about 8:00 p.m. and he went in and cleaned the bathroom. The man is a rockstar.

2) Speaking of his class, he’s gotten a 100% on both of the tests (only the final remaining). The averages for the class have been 72% and 76%. On the first test he was the only person to get a 100%, and on the second, only one other person got a 100%.

3) I saw his director at his office a few days ago and he told me what a fantastic job Bart is doing. This is the kind of thing you like to hear from the person who controls your husband’s job.

4) Pretty much every kid at our church thinks Bart is the greatest thing ever. He taught a bunch of them to thumb wrestle and now they always want to challenge him. And he sometimes lets them win.

5) Bart doesn’t read as much as I do, but he’s always asking me about what I’m reading and actually listens while I recount the plot in great excruciating detail. And then he acts interested.

6) We’ve finally discovered an audio book genre that we love listening to together in the car – hello, children’s fantasy.

7) He’s a great LOST/24 watching partner.

8) He does the dishes every single night, even the dishes I avoid, like muffin tins, crockpots, and pans.

9) He irons his own shirts every morning for work (bless him).

10) He fits right into my family; it’s never awkward or weird to have him around at family events and he is always equally thrilled when my family comes to visit us here.

11) He loves to travel and he’s a great traveling companion (mostly because he lets me have the window seat on the airplane). I can’t wait to go to Dallas and Oklahoma City next month and San Francisco in August.

12) He likes adventure and new fun things. I can always count on him to want to go somewhere new, try out a new restaurant, go see a play, etc.

13) He doesn’t begrudge me doing my own things, like skipping off to Vegas for a week next month leaving him alone. Or letting me go to London for eight weeks in our first year of marriage.

14) He has really opened up the world of food to me. I know like all sorts of things I had no idea I might love (hello Thai food and sushi).

15) He is ridiculously supportive of the things I want to do. He convinced me I definitely should apply to grad school if I wanted to and not worry about the cost. He is always telling me I don’t have to work full-time or even part-time if I don’t want to (he seems to have forgotten how much I like the money).

16) He’ll watch any movie with me, even ones like “Penelope” and “Pride and Prejudice.”

He’s a keeper, as my mom would say. Hopefully you have something to be as happy about on Friday.

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  1. bathrooms?? now he is the man! my husband has not cleaned a bathroom in all of the 13 years that we have been married! definitely a keeper…btw, kyle thinks he rocks too!

  2. Oh my gosh, Janssen, Bart sounds like a wonderful guy! You’re a lucky girl 🙂
    P.S. Jon lets me have the window seat too, for different a reason though: I get ridiculously scared and have to constantly look out the window to see if we’re crashing!

  3. He sounds like an amazing guy. Cleans the bathroom!?!?!? That is amazing. I can’t get Jason to even go near the cleaning products, but he will clean the dishes..sometimes.

  4. Cute post. I realized that I have never officially met Bart, but I feel like I have from your stories, and from meeting the Tates in London. Sounds like he’s fantastic, and you defnitely deserve a fantastic husband!

  5. Aw, that’s really sweet. And makes me miss Aaron that much more. I’ve gone to Utah without him multiple times during our marriage and this is the first time I really miss him.

    I wish Bart could come to Vegas too. I’d like to meet him one of these days.

  6. Bart definitely is a keeper. (My grandma used to say that, too!)
    Bart sounds a lot like my husband and my maternal grandfather.

  7. What a great post! I guess making a list is something we should all do, especially so that we have something to look at when they’re driving us crazy! Lewis is good about doing the dishes too, since it’s kind of our deal that I cook and he’ll do the clean up.

  8. Bart, will you marry me? (Or at least come over and clean my bathroom and wash my cookie sheets?) You don’t mind sharing, do you Janssen?

  9. Couples who watch LOST together stay together.

    (yes, I came up with than on my own. I’m very wise, you know!)

  10. Bart…what a darling boy!
    Sounds like you snagged
    one of the good ones!
    Holla to that…
    And your years of blissful

  11. You know, just the other day I sitting around reading and being lazy, and suddenly I wonder where Philip is. I wander around the house and find him cleaning the bathroom! Kindred spirits.

  12. I’m glad that we’re addicted to the same 2 TV shows. 🙂 (even if we’re really behind)

    And hello, you went to England for 8 weeks your first year of marriage? haha – what was this?

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