100 Old Things

My “About Me” page has had a list pf 100 things for the last four years.

Recently, Preethi (who is lovely and one of my recent favorite bloggy friends) commented on something from that list and when I looked at the list, I realized how woefully out of date it was.

Not only were some of the things on the list BLATANTLY untrue now, the whole list just wasn’t very representative of me anymore. Someday, when I’m feeling like I have nothing better to do, I’ll make a new list.

For now, though,I thought I’d point out a few things that have changed a lot (The item that stuck out most to me was the fact that my favorite foods in 2007 were creamy chicken Raman and string cheese. Erk! I’ve kind of burned out on string cheese and Raman no longer has ANY appeal for me).

  1. I hate planning out the weekly menu. (Now I actually look forward to this. Thank you, Pinterest)
  2. I could eat the same thing for a long, long time.(Meh, now I want variety)
  3. Currently, my go-to foods are Creamy Chicken Raman and string cheese. (How embarrassing)
  4. I hate doing the dishes by hand. A dishwasher is the best invention of all time. (After living in Boston, I don’t mind doing dishes by hand and I think it’s often much faster).
  5. Early evening is the most depressing time of day for me. (No longer! Did I grow out of this?)
  6. I would usually rather eat salty food than sugary foods. (Pregnancy made me prefer sugar. Ella’s birth didn’t make it switch back)
  7. I love buying clothes in the children’s section because they are cheaper and often identical to the adult versions (Can’t do it anymore – they just look too . . .childish)
  8. When I got married, I inherited 7 nieces and nephews. Now there are 13. (Now there are 18 on Bart’s side and 1 on my side. Neither number counts Ella)
  9. Strawberry ice cream (with lots of real strawberries in it) is my favorite flavor. (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)
  10. I am total Mac-addict (I enjoy my iPhone, but I feel like Mac computers are overpriced and comparatively slow) 
  11. Now we own three TVs, but none of them are hooked up to receive any television channels. We are solely a video watching family (We now only own one TV but we have cable (because our apartment has it and it’s not optional))
  12. I don’t care much for cooked fish, but almost all raw fish is delicious to my taste buds (I like most fish these days)
  13. My toenails are always painted (now I leave them unpainted most of the winter and. . . sometimes when it’s not winter)

And for fun, here I am in early 2007:

And here I am now:

Why, this outfit looks familiar. . .

Ella thinks this was not her most photogenic moment. But I assured her it was only because she was sick and that normally she is the most darling of my children (also my only child, but I prefer not to quibble. I think it makes her feel better).

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  1. I always think it's so embarrassing when I change what I used to say. Isn't that silly? I guess because it means letting go of my pride and admitting to someone that, "yes, now I agree with you…"

  2. I love these 100 things because you get to know people and YES they do change like we all change 🙂 I should re do mine, the last time I did it was in 2007 and I was, um, just barely 21 and in college.

    Strawberry ice cream is SO GOOD! I know you've changed, but now I wish I had strawberry ice cream now.

    I prefer salty snacks, it's interesting that your preference changed with having a baby.

    You were cute in 2007 and you are cute now!

  3. Fun post. It is amazing how many things change in just a few short years. Good, really, because it shows you are still learning and growing, not stuck in the same old rut. That (the learning and growing) is what makes life interesting.

  4. Such a pretty photo!

    I remember that you once wrote that Bart was more handsome a few years after you married him, and I think you're increasing in beauty as well!

    [I just reread that, and it sounds REALLY CREEPY. I meant it only in kindest, most complimentary of ways!]


  5. I am now half-dreading looking at my own "However Many Things About Me That I Could Bother To Come Up With."

    Gaaah! [hold, reading now]

    Ok, the good news is that it is mostly not embarassing…although I think last year at some point I went through and edited it quite a bit, so there's that. 🙂


  6. You are beautiful. I soooo love your bangs. And your darling baby. And the updates. I love the ones about Pinterest and creamy Raman. Times have changed, yes?

  7. I need to tell you that I went back and read your other list. And I read the whole thing. That may be a first for me (usually I quit 1/3 of the way through). Part of the reason was I felt like I could have written this list about myself. Er, except that I'm 5'9, and I look like an ice cream cone with skinny jeans. *shudder* I almost laughed because I feel so similarly about so many things as you do. You're absolutely right… I think we'd be great friends in real life 🙂

    P.S. My theory about passing out easily and getting light-headed is that we have low blood pressure. Is yours usually low? Mine is. All the time.

  8. You're so pretty! I love how you openly admit that you changed and grew instead of just pulling the list off the internet and pretending it never happened.

  9. You've grown but you're still thin and you're cooking has changed measurably! Look how much change goes on in 4-5 years! It is like looking back at old New Year's resolutions-wistful.

  10. I keep waiting for the sweet tooth I picked up during pregnancy to go away. Thinking it's here to stay…pass the gelato!

  11. lol. Personally, I believe you look younger now than in your 2007 photo. Also, keep looking for clothes in the children's section. One really has to look, but we (my daughter and I) find nice things quite often. Hint – try looking at stores that sell more than just the current fads, and wait until the clothes go on sale. (My 25-year-old wears the small sizes; I don't anymore. sigh)

  12. a) I am very very delayed in commenting on this post.

    b) That is not indicative of my amusement.

    c) I'm also a little (lot) bit flattered by your parenthetical. 🙂

    d) You and Camille know each other? Seriously small world.

  13. Your bangs are super cute.

    Also, I am amazed that I haven't discovered reading your blog until now… it's a gem. so… thanks.

  14. This just popped up in a "you may like this post!" algorithm, and I would be very interested in seeing some of your transformations from when this was written to now! 🙂


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