Weekend Report

Reasons this weekend has been lovely:

1) We got a gift card to P.F. Chang’s from my parents to celebrate Bart’s acceptance to graduate school (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

2) We watched Becoming Jane – delightful. I always forget how much I love regency movies. Love! (Also, I rented it from Red Box for free, since I had a nifty little code and you know how I love free)

3) Our tax return arrived yesterday morning. Hooray!

4) Bart swept the house and I mopped.

5) We did all the grocery shopping and menu planning for the week (and ate at least 12 samples at both H-E-B and Sam’s Club)

6) I ran over TWO straight miles today. I am beyond pleased with myself. I also have a blister on my toe now.

7) We voted yesterday because we are the kind of people who do early voting (ha!).

8) I planted two big pots of herbs in the backyard. Now I spend a lot of time looking out the back door to see if they’ve sprouted yet (answer: no).

9) We found a pollution-free energy company in Texas and it is cheaper than our current energy company. Hooray!

10) I went to dinner with Ralphie and her cute girls last night while both of our husbands were out camping with the boy scouts. (Did you know you can exchange the toy in your kid’s meal at Chick-fil-a for a free ice cream cone? Good thing Ralphie was there to tell me).

11) My cousin, her husband, and their cute new baby are coming to visit next weekend.

12) I got almost ten hours of sleep last night. All rejoice! (And yes, the talk of the “new baby” above is what reminded me about sleep).

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  1. I planted herbs 8 days ago and they are just peeking out of the dirt now! Chick-fil-a rocks for so many reasons, but the ice cream cone instead of toy is definitely the best.

  2. Thanks for the help in my blog beautification project! Hopefully I’ll be able to work on it this week. And also, a belated thanks for recommending the BBC version of Jane Eyre. I loved it so much that I’m putting it on my b-day list. I’m now watching North and South with Wives & Daughters coming next.

  3. Hey I finally found your blog! Did you switch to Green Mountain Energy? I’ve been using them since we moved to TX and have been really happy.


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