So You Think You Can Dance, huh? My vote matters to you people? How sweet!

Bart and I both agree that instead of voting for the person you like most, you should vote for the person you like least and want off (maybe because we find it easier to hate than to love. Are we bad people?). Unfortunately, that is not the way it works; you have to vote for who you want to stay. So I voted about 25 times each for

1) Twitch (probably the one I want to win most)
2) Joshua (could he be any more awesome?)
3) Katee
4) Chelsi

I am not at all about Mark and Courtney, so no votes for either of them. I can’t believe Courtney stayed and Chelsi got kicked off! Is there no justice in this world?

Am I writing about TV shows again!?

Um, who do you want to win?

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  1. I think Joshua has a great natural talent, as does Katie. Twitch is the most entertaining to me. If I had to pick one- the one who I think dances the “best”- I’d have to go with Katie.

  2. I can’t believe Courtney stayed and Chelsi got kicked off! I was not expecting that!

    I would have to say my vote to win is for either Twitch or Katie.

  3. Joshua or Katee.

    I know I’m in the minority, but I wasn’t a Chelsie fan. I thought she was annoying, and her solos were dull.

  4. Wow, maybe I’m just out of it, but I’m REALLY confused. So on this show you can vote for who you like most OR who you like least? But you make it sound like you do like the people you voted for? Am I just making myself a laughing stock for not getting this???

  5. Wait, I don’t get the voting thing. Why vote for the person you like least? (I’ve never voted before, is there an option of voting someone off the show instead of voting to keep them on?)

    Yeah, I was surprised that Chelsie went before Courtney. However, I do think Courtney showed more personality, at least a more likable personality than Chelsie.

    I like all of the final four, but I think I’m probably pulling for Katee to win.

  6. Yeah, I’m totally confused by that, too. You voted for people you like, or you voted for people you didn’t like?

    I like Joshua and Katee, but I’d be okay with any of the top four. I was just mad Will got kicked off before Mark.

  7. I think Katee is the most talented & versatile dancer on the show but I love Joshua too. Twitch is great as well but I really hope Katee wins it all.

  8. CHESLI WENT HOME??? (I didn’t have the opportunity to watch it last week….)

    That makes me sad – I would have to agree with you – Courtney should have gone home. But they are all so good….

    Josh is my fav. of the guys – he is just amazing.

  9. I love Will! Too bad I was too lazy to vote for him…oh Willy, I’m sorry!

    So with that said, I want Twitch to win. Or Katee. Or Joshua. Oh, I can’t decide.

    And I have to say, I wasn’t sad to see Chelsi go. She’s talented, but that girl worked my nerves.

  10. I think I might be the only person in the US who doesn’t watch the show! I just never got into it…am I awful and un-American?

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