Sometimes I Think I Might Actually Only Be Twelve

We went to see “Night at the Museum” last night because it’s finally at the dollar theater. Yes, indeed, we are a pair of cheapskates. Not only did we go to the dollar theater, we paid with a gift certificate. And worrse, we complained to each other that, because it was Friday night, the tickets were two dollars a piece instead of a dollar and a half. The pain of spending four whole dollars that were given to you BY SOMEONE ELSE! Ahem.

Anyway, I really liked that show. I rarely like Ben Stiller, but I did think he did a good job. Really, though, my favorite characters were Owen Wilson’s cowboy and the Roman centurion, Octavius. Hilarious! When Ben Stiller told Owen Wilson to stop calling him “Giganto” because it made him feel like a freak and “how would it make you feel if I called you ‘Teeny?’ I laughed like a crazy person when Owen Wilson said “It makes me feel sad.” We went around the rest of the evening saying that: “It makes me feel SAD!”

Also, it is hilarious to see Dick Van Dyke as an old man since he likes exactly like Bert from Mary Poppins still except not quite as likely to dance around. And white hair.

We came home and played one game of Ticket to Ride. My good friend Sherry and her husband introduced us to this game over a year ago, and we now play constantly. We bought our own game last year and, since moving to Austin, have systematically taught it to every friend we’ve made. When Bart’s parents came for Thanksgiving, we played it probably ten times. In the last week, Bart and I have played it alone at least eight times (usually the multiple games occur when I keep losing and keep demanding we play again so I can redeem myself). It’s a good game. I assume we’ll force my Dad to learn to play too tonight when he’s here. One cannot visit our home without having this game pressed upon you.

Bart’s still snoozing, so I’m off to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls that came in the mail, compliments of Blockbuster, on Wednesday.

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  1. I need to know what this game is. We love games – is it a board game, a card game or another type of game altogether? If it’s a card game with an ordinary pack of cards, could you give instructions please? On my blog somewhere is instructions for our own family game – magic moments, no good if you don’t gamble though, cos it uses pennies. Not sure if saying you lived in Utah means you’re LDS, so no pennies in a card game maybe?
    Just found your blog, like what I see so far. Can I come back again?

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