National Book Awards 2010

This is the third year in a row that I’m attempting to read all five National Book Award finalists in the Young People’s Literature category.

This year, the finalists are:

This year, I’ve HEARD of four of the five (Dark Water is new to me), and I’ve already read one of them (you can read my review of Mockingbird here). And I HAVE Ship Breaker sitting in my library basket as we speak.

Now off to check out the other three and try to finish them all before the winner is announced on November 17th. With any luck, I’ll actually be pleased with the winning book (I am still not over the fact that Frankie Landau-Banks didn’t win. I should work on getting a life, but I’m too busy being affronted).

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  1. I've read One Crazy Summer (great) but not the others. I look forward to your reviews on the new ones.

  2. My 12-year-old read One Crazy Summer over the summer, sort of under the radar, and it didn't really register until she started asking me questions like "Who were the black panthers?" I was glad she read it–I commend you for doing what I will not, (read that many books in that little window of time) and I will eagerly await your judgment.

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