I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home (or in my case, to town)

My dad is flying in to town today to visit. Well, really, he’s here on business, but hopefully his money-making won’t get in the way of us spending lots of time with him. We’re going downtown tonight to have dinner with him and I can’t wait. Every morning this week I’ve woken up and my first thought has been “I’m so tired. . .I want to die.” Then my second though has been “Only ___ days until Dad comes!” Today’s finally the day!

People have always commented on how much my dad and I look alike. Now, people never say that, since my dad has jaw surgery when I was 18, and he looks quite a bit different than he used to. But we both have dark brown eyes (that I hope to pass on to my future kids!), are really thin, and have long legs (relatively speaking, since I’m not tall). Unfortunately, he failed to pass on both his hair thickness and curl. Too bad. I’d rather be thin than have curly hair, I guess (okay, okay, for sure).

If there is one thing that I tell people about my dad most often, it is this: I am the oldest of three girls. After my youngest sister, there is six and a half year gap, and then I have two brothers. When my mom was pregnant with my first brother, people always kept saying things to me like “I bet your dad is so glad to finally be having a boy.” That always seemed so stupid to me. I knew my dad loved all of us, girls or boys, and that he wasn’t at all disappointed with me for somehow failing to be a boy. I’m glad I never felt like my dad was relieved to finally have sons or that, if my brothers hadn’t been born, his life would somehow have been incomplete.

I’m so excited for my dad to see our house (we’d already bought it when he came last time, but we hadn’t moved in), to meet some of our friends, and to see the office I work at. Mostly, though, I’m just looking forward to spending the weekend with him, listening to him tell us great stories, and enjoying being together.

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