All about the Slidebox App

For the last several years, probably the NUMBER ONE request I’ve gotten is for the photo deleting app I use.

It’s called Flic but sometimes in the past year, they stopped supporting it and so it wasn’t possible to download anymore.

Fortunately, my friend Alie gave me a heads up about Slidebox which not only has a nicer interface but also works for BOTH iPhones and Androids.

(You can all send Alie thank you notes later).

I’ve been using Slidebox now for several weeks and am so happy to have a good replacement to share with you!

Also, if you’re thinking “why do you need an app to delete photos?” I promise you, two minutes and you’ll be “oh. . . this is 1000000x easier than doing it one by one in my native photo app.”

All about the Slidebox App

Here’s what you need to know about Slidebox.

You can use the free version of Slidebox, which will show you ads about every 20 photos or so or you can upgrade to Slidebox Premium for a one-time fee of $7.99 which means no ads, no limits, and more features.

Once you have the Slidebox app downloaded to your phone, it will load all your photos on your phone (so in the case of my phone, that’s about 9k photos).

It will start at the most recent photo and you go through each photo, deciding what to do with it.

Swiping down Favorites a photo (if you want to unfavorite, swipe down again).

Swiping right or left just moves you through your photos without doing anything to them.

Swiping up trashes a photo (you’ll have an option to verify before your trashed photos are permanently deleted).

You can also push the “Unsorted” button at the top and scroll to what photo you want to start with, which is a really handy feature I wished many times that Flic had!

You can also create Albums, which I’m LOVING.

I have ones called “Books” and one called “Family Album photos” among others and so with a single tap, when a photo pops up that should go in one of those albums, it’ll drop it right in there (those albums appear in your native photo app too, so they’re easy to access).

I’m absolutely loving Slidebox and am so happy to have a good alternative to Flic now.

If you try it out, let me know what you think!  And any questions about the Slidebox app? I’m not an expert but I’m happy to help!

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  1. I’m so excited to hear about this. I have an Android and was always so bummed that I couldn’t use the Flic app. This sounds great- I have at least 3000 photos on my phone right now because I just did a huge download to cloud. Looking forward to checking it out!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Does it link to Google photos? One of the things I wish I could do is automatically make albums that download as albums into Google photos.

  3. I encourage everyone to go to their iCloud if they use it and delete from there. I found apple storing every single picture I ever took. Stuff I deleted or so I thought a long time ago. And that’s with sync across my devices being on. So apparently if you delete something with apple it doesn’t mean delete. It means iCloud holds onto it forever.

  4. Hi there, I’ve used Slidebox for a while. Really useful as I do lots of screenshots which I can quickly file into named folders for easy retrieval. Recently new images aren’t all showing in my Slidebox Unsorted Folder. Maybe just 5 or 8 when there should be 100s. Bit of a nightmare for me. Sent numerous appeals for help to displayed email address. Never get acknowledgment or answer 😢 I’ve seen mention of a paid version, one off charge, but never found any links. If be happy to pay. It’s so good. I’m on Android so Slidebox integrates with Gallery. Any advice appreciated. I’ll need a suggestion for an alternative if it’s no longer supported. Oh also there seems to have been recent (early Oct 23) updates. Which may have caused the problem ?

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