Shout Hooray!

Today is Crawford’s birthday.

The day he was born, I was at a friend’s house, since my mom had gone into labor during the night. We were playing Oregon Trail (best game ever) on the computer, and her dad came in to tell me that my parents had just called to say that Crawford had been born. I was so anxious for the rest of the morning for my dad to come get us and take us back to the hospital to see him.

I’ve loved him from the moment I first met him.

I left for college when he was seven years old, and seeing him was always the highlight of coming home. He’s always made me feel like he was so glad I was there, snuggling up with me on the couch while we watch a movie, or anxious to come along on an errand.

Perhaps one of the things I love most about Crawford is how funny he is. A few years ago, we met up with my parents and Crawford in Houston. At dinner he’d been amusing us with renditions of Brian Regan’s skits, which I hadn’t seen. Afterward, we went back to my parents hotel room and watched the real thing on YouTube. I was disappointed! Crawford’s version had been funnier!

Watching him as an uncle is so sweet – he is so darling with both Merrick‘s little boy and Ella. He plays with them, reads books to them, and generally warms my heart.

And once Ella is old enough to know, I’m certain she’ll love him too.

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  1. Happy birthday to Crawford. It is so wonderful that he loves to be with you and the little ones.

    Oregon Trail – my daughter used to play it for hours at a time – along with Amazon Trail and Where in the World (USA) is Carmen San Diego.

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