4 Favorite Things for January

This January has been cold and snowy! We got very little snow in December – in fact, it was one clear, sunny day after another.

I love those sunny winter days, but we always need the water here plus the skiing gets pretty dismal without regular snowfall, so I’m grateful for all the snow (and for a warm house where I can stay inside!).

Here are some of my favorite things right now:

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4 Favorite Things for January

Target Wire BasketBlack Wire Basket
I got one of these as a gift several years ago and Bart has used it since we moved into this house to store his toothbrush, deodorant and other toiletries neatly on the counter. I finally looked it up and when I realized it was $8.99, I bought two more – one for my face washcloths and one for the big girls to keep THEIR face washcloths in. It’s one of those tiny things that makes me happy every day because it keeps everything looking so much tidier.

Dime GlazeThe Glaze from Dime
I have dry skin and in the winter, it really gets unpleasant. I’ve been using Dime’s body glaze for the last year and it is a LIFESAVER. I put it on in the morning right after I shower and then brush my teeth while it soaks in and then get dressed. It doesn’t give my clothing any issues and it keeps my skin feeling so much softer and less itchy. My Dime code is BRADSHAW20. 


Men’s Sweatpants
After the wild success of these men’s joggers that I bought Bart in 2022 (he went on to buy two more pairs and wears them tons!), I ordered a straight leg pair for him this winter and he has loved them too! They’re super cozy and soft, but look sleek enough to wear as a casual pair of pants out of the house! (And they’re 30% off right now).



Towel ScrunchiesTowel Scrunchie
I got two of these for Ani’s stocking at the last minute in December and they were a HUGE hit. She’s on a swim team that practices 5 days a week, so she has a LOT of wet hair (and she also has tons of thick hair!). I thought these might be gimmicky, but they turned out to be legit and she absolutely loves them and has used them every day for the last month. They soak up so much water and keep it from dripping down her neck and onto her clothing, which is espeically nice when it’s frigid outside. My code is JANSSEN for 25% off (this is the same brand that makes the zipper satin pillowcases I use on our bed!)

And here are my team’s favorite things right now!


coatiganTan Coatigan
I really love changing seasons, but I also really hate being cold. I tend to wear my light puffer jacket all day once I have it on. Because I wanted something that wasn’t so casual, but also kept me warm, I’ve had my eye on the J.Crew Coatigan for a couple of years now and never pulled the trigger due to the price tag. Imagine how thrilled I was when I found an Amazon dupe! I wear it multiple times a week and looks cute with anything that isn’t too bulky underneath. I paid $36 for it and have seen it go that low again, so I would hold out for that price.



Dual Zone Heated Mattress Pad
This was a gift from my parents and I don’t know why I didn’t put it on our bed sooner! The thing I love the most about this heated mattress pad is the dual zones. I naturally run cold and can never get warm enough, but my husband on the other hand, runs hot (he loves crawling into a freezing cold bed). Because we keep our thermostat lower at night, he gets his cold sleep (I don’t think he has ever turned on his side of the mattress pad), and I turn on the mattress pad on my side about 15 minutes before I am ready to crawl into bed. There is nothing quite as cozy as crawling into a warm and snug bed.


Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Gore-Tex
I know Janssen just talked about these shoes over on Instagram, but I just have to say they really are that great! I do a fair amount of running all year round and have gotten more into trail running lately. Good shoes are a necessity in winter running and will massively make or break your experience. I purchased a waterproof trail shoe from On Cloud last winter and have regretted the purchase ever since. They don’t come up very far which means lots of snow and slush get your socks cold and soggy, and that makes the remainder of your run miserable. I got the Nike Pegasus Trail shoe this year and they have been so much better. Plus how cool is this color way?


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  1. for the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Gore-Tex did you size up? I can’t decide between going up a half size or full size.

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