I Rather Fancy Myself with Facial Hair

You may be wondering why Bart and I spent a Wednesday evening taking pictures like this:

Good question! Today is The King’s birthday – of Hola Isabel fame – and he loves fake mustaches. So Isabel has organized a host of bloggers to take pictures of themselves with fake mustaches in his honor.

And really, who wouldn’t be honored to have these kinds of pictures plastered across the Internet in your name?

Frankly, I think facial hair kind of suits me; don’t tell me you disagree!

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  1. Well, it certainly does suit you. And it goes nicely with your black shirt…and jeans? 🙂

    Bart should really grow some. He looks tough.

  2. That is so funny! I’m glad you aren’t fuddy duddies and like to dress up. It makes life fun. By the way…I don’t think mustaches look good on anyone, but it is fun for dress-up.

  3. LOL Bart looks like an old-time outlaw gunslinger. Janssen, it does suit you! (Just wait until you are old(er) and get a real mustache. It won’t be so funny anymore. LOL )

  4. This is incredible. By the way…thanks to your comment, I looked into buying some iron pills when I was at the store, but then I got all paranoid because I don’t know if I’m iron deficient at all, and I don’t know what the consequences would be if I had too much iron in my system…so I settled for buying a multi-vitamin with iron in it. Now, let’s see if I actually remember to take them…

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