Flee! The Pictures are Attacking!

I last got my hair cut in January. I was really happy with it. It looked like this:

Then, after a few weeks, it started to get too long. And ugly. My hair is really bad at that in-between point and as I was looking through pictures on my computer for an example I realize I have WAY too many pictures of me with my hair at that bad length and I also realized that your computer monitor would probably crack from the ugliness if I uploaded them. So no; none of those pictures will grace this blog and you’d do well to thank me for that mercy.

After a few more weeks, it got a little longer and is now looking semi-decent again. And Bart suggested that maybe I should keep growing it out. And looking back over my pictures from the last two or three years, I realize that he’s right. My hair generally looks better long.

This is one of our engagement pictures (not the one we used- and yes, the color is horrific here. This was a lousy scan I did about three years ago and the color isn’t right, but my hair is the important thing here).

Here is about three weeks after our wedding:

And about four months after our wedding (yes, I had no hair cut for over a year).

So there is a tour of my hair from 2005 to last year. And it’s obvious to me that long(ish/er) hair is the way to go.

In fact, after looking through hundreds of pictures, this is the only other picture of my short hair that I actually like and this was just a few days after I got it cut.

Goodbye short hair. Longer hair, here I come.

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  1. You and me? We are in the same boat. I had long hair for ages and then all of a sudden last year I was like, Hey! Let’s chop it all off! And it’s been terrible ever since. I’m trying to grow it out but it’s been a long, slow, painful process.

    You are so cute by the way. I want to pinch your cheeks.

  2. Ok it took me a minute to figure out what you were doing in one of those pictures. Platform 9 3/4!!!!!so cool. I am partial to long hair on myself, you are lucky to have straight hair, mine gets so bushy if it isnt done right.

  3. I vote for long hair while you are young. Your hair is a glorious color; show it off! Also, sorry, but I think you are prettier with it not so stylized. So says a mom of a twenty something daughter and a grandmother to a young teenage girl. (Please note that my daughter is not the mother of the teenager.) You don’t need my permission, but if you feel like it, you may tell me to go pound tar 🙂

  4. I thought Whoorl was supposed to decide these things! 🙂 I am a long hair girl myself, but you might look cute with a little bob….

  5. I agree with Janet. Hair decisions without Whoorl’s guidance? UNTHINKABLE!

    No really though, you do look nice with long hair. Without trying to offend I do think it’s worth noting that it does make you look younger. But perhaps that’s a hopeless cause with you 😉

    I’m growing mine longer right now too. We’ll see how long I can stand the increased blow dry time though…

  6. definitely like the longer hair!! I’ve been growing mine forever and its definitely worth it for a change! You dont have far to grow!

  7. See, as a relatively recent convert to the Posh/Katie Holmes-type bob, I like the last picture best! But I miss my ponytail days, too, so I understand.

  8. Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Amy Adams? I just watched “Enchanted” this past weekend, so maybe I have her on the brain. I do like your hair long!

  9. You know, I really like short hair cuts on other people, so I thought that they would look good on me. BUT THEY DON’T! So I’m growing my hair out too. We can be independent together 🙂

  10. I’ve been growing mine out for years! I’m trying to decide if I want to cut it or keep it long. Hubby votes long…

  11. You look great either way. You would also look spectacular with a chin-length cut. Those are the hardest cuts to repent of, though, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

  12. You look so adorable no matter how you do your hair! But I vote for long hair on you. Wear it long while you can. I’ve always wished I could wear my hair long (so does hubby) but it just doesn’t look good on me.

  13. Great pictures, you look beautiful.
    See, we’re on opposite sides of the spectrum. I have ONLY ever been able to pull off short hair. My hair is too fine and stringy to be long…awwww, I do love long hair though.

  14. I wish I was brave enough to go short- but mine has been long since Jr High. I would probably look haggish and fatter if I did it- I’m soo scared to try!

    BUT I think you can pull off either one, obviously. Your cute face is easy to work with.

  15. Cute pictures! You’re so gorgeous!
    I am totally with you on the longer hair thing. I am always thinking “Hm, I want short hair!” and then I regret it. I’m in the middle of re-re-re-growing (yes, I get bored and chop it off many times) my hair out, and it’s actually about 2 inches past my collerbone now!
    Too bad hair takes so long to grow out…
    But don’t give up on it like I did many times!

  16. I vote for long – you are cute with whatever, but there’s just something really “extra glam” in your long hair photos!

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