A Toy for a Long Rainy Weekend

Bart was out of town all the last week of September, first for work and then through the weekend for his brother’s wedding.

By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, I was pretty happy about the giant box with the Leapfrog Animal Adventure Table I had stashed away in the laundry closet after it arrived a couple of days earlier.

Ella was beside herself with excitement over the prospect of a “PESENT! PESENT!” and the opening of the box (and then the box inside that) was entertainment enough.

And then she played by herself for a good fifteen minutes. Sometimes, on a Friday afternoon, with another couple of days of single parenting stretching ahead of you, there isn’t much more you could ask for.

And then, the next morning, she immediately asked to play with it again, so. . . hello ten minutes of lying on the couch in my pajamas like a blob. It was fantastic (especially when I’m in my usual “Bart-is-gone” routine of staying up WAY too late).

Apparently this table is geared toward children between six months and three years, but frankly, I think Ella’s a little old for it. I’ll be surprised if she maintains interest in it for more than a week or two, although I could see it being much more entertaining for a 6-18 month old.

I’ve noticed in recent weeks that Ella isn’t much of a toy child – she really prefers games, puzzles, books, or a stuffed animal (or my iPhone or the computer, if we’re being completely honest here). We’ve pretty much given up buying any toys for her except for things from garage sales because she just loses interest in them pretty quickly.

My cousins are coming to visit this weekend with their almost one-year-old, so I’ll probably force her to be a test subject and see if she likes it (of course, the moment another child sets eyes on a toy of Ella’s, even if she has had no interest in it for a year, it’s instantly the most precious, beloved toy there ever was).

This thing weighs almost NOTHING (something, I’m very much appreciating at seven months pregnant or whatever I am – I do not understand how the weeks and months of pregnancy work together because forty weeks does not equal nine months, but whatever). Yet, it seems surprisingly stable and when our neighbor’s non-walker stood against it, it didn’t budge.

Also, the legs can be taken off so that it sits on the floor, which is mighty cool to me.

Also, have you ever wondered why hippos are so often portrayed as purple? Pretty sure they are gray. . . .

I was selected for this opportunity as a compensated member of Clever
Girls Collective and received free product from LeapFrog to review. The
content and opinions expressed here are all my own. #LFAnimalAdventures

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  1. We have a table like that (also leapfrog, but not the same one) and I agree it's better for younger kids. I think we got it for Will when he was about 6 months old? Now it mostly sits unused because the older kids ignore it, but Daniel isn't old enough yet.

  2. Our table like this is perfect for Maya at 8 months old. Amelia lost all interest in it from 15 months on, that is until Maya started loving it, of course.

  3. first, she is adorable!

    sonnet was never really a toy kid either… she was always way more into puzzles, board games, and art supplies. but when she hit like 4, she became obsessed with little dolls and animals and doll house furniture and all these teeny tiny annoying little things… she knows and loves them all and she will play by herself forever just setting everything up and making up stories…

  4. what is it with staying up so late when alone? Before I had a child, I would stay up until RIDICULOUS hours when Taylor was away, like 2 or 3…now it's more like 12. I always think to myself that it would make more sense to go to be earlier since I have nobody to hang out with.

  5. Word of caution those little tables quickly become movable stools to stand on, and sometime grab something they shouldn't have from a high up place. Or fall off of. Both feats Little Man accomplished at 12 mos.

  6. My friend's 7 year old was telling me about the capitals of two of the biggest countries and some rivers that were the longest and a whole bunch of other georgraphy stuff he learned that I didn't know off of his leapster. I'm thinking I might need one (and I hope you get to try one of those out when Ella is old enough.) And I'm too lazy to comment on your other entry but I think your outfit worked with the print top and red pants…I think it's close enough plus come on…red pants rock. Even though you're hating being pregnant, you're still one of the most adorable pregnant women ever. Yes, ever. Oh and finally (I should have just emailed you) my mom has read nearly all of Emily Giffin's books and loved the new one. She's still waiting for Something Blue to show up from the library (large print copies are scarce) but she has really enjoyed all of her books. I love my mother. And that is all.

  7. I do the same thing when Spencer is gone – like staying up until 2 when I have work the next day. Do I do that because I have a slight fear of the dark? Maaaaaaaybe.

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