The End of a Semester

Last night was the due date for my final project and when it was submitted by a team member yesterday afternoon, my semester was over. I’m a free woman for six weeks.

Back in August, this semester looked a little more than terrifying – I was registered for twelve credits (nine is the usual full-time load), starting a new internship that would need about 25 hours a week and TAing 10 hours a week for a topic I felt unbelievably unqualified for (“hi, let me grade your XHTML, but do not ask me what XHTML actually is”).

But then it turned out to be a lovely semester – I really enjoyed three of my classes and didn’t hate the fourth one.

I read dozens of great YA books and looked at hundreds of picture books. We held a mock Caldecott Committee (after four rounds of voting, we chose “We Are the Ship” as the winner, with “The Little Yellow Leaf” as an honor book, both books which I’m desperate to own because they are so beautiful).

I fell in love with David Wiesner and wordless picture books. I finally read something by S. E. Hinton. I was mesmerized by The Chocolate War.

I gave a 45 minute presentation on how to help Science Fiction readers find books that they’ll enjoy. I wrote a mock grant application for a day-care story time sponsored by the local public library.

I had friends this semester. I walked into classes knowing people and I walked out knowing more. I knew the professors and the TAs.

I now have 28 credits of graduate work (or I will when they post my grades next week).

Next semester I’ll be doing a practicum in a public school library somewhere in Austin. I’ll be taking School Library Management. I’ll be doing the Notable Book project again.

I’ll also be keeping both of my jobs . . . and adding another 10 hour a week TA job (because I am one of those people who cannot say no to money and jobs).

And hopefully in May, I’ll be writing again saying how much I loved the semester and that I wouldn’t change a thing even if I could.

Goodbye, Fall 2008. Thanks for being so good to me.

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  1. I love hearing about your classes and such. I still think about doing an MLS, despite my having one MA already and being nearly finished with another!

  2. Yeah! Congrats on finishing your semester in grand style! You did so much – you’ll be so ready when you graduate! Congrats and have a great holiday break!!!

  3. Every time I read one of your posts about school I’m ready to start an application for an MLS program. I’m glad that you had a successful semester. It sounds like you’ve got some great opportunities lined up for the spring. Good luck!

  4. Your graduate program sounds like so much fun. It fits you so well. I love how you and your sisters are all so talented and have followed your dreams. You get to do the things you are passionate about and are so successful! I honestly don’t think that happens too often but it is so fun to see someone doing what they are truly passionate about! I think sometimes people are too practical to follow their dreams. I’m so glad you have followed yours. I’m so happy for you. You live such a happy life and I love being a part of it through your blog.

    Earlier this week I attended my ward book club’s annual Cookie Exchange where we all come with cookies but also come bringing our favorite children’s book. It was so much fun, might be my favorite book group all year. Anyway I had a friend that shared a book that reminded me so much of you: The Library, Sarah Stewart. You’ll have to check it out.

  5. “hi, let me grade your XHTML, but do not ask me what XHTML actually is”

    And then you learned that it’s just putting closing slashes in your img tags.

    (I really like XHTML in theory, but I think it’s kind of funny that people teach it when it makes very little difference and IE pukes if you try to actually serve XHTML with a proper mime-type.)

  6. That sounds like you had a great semester! I don’t know what an XHTML (right?) is either, ha ha!
    I hope the next is as good as the last!

  7. I’ve had the chocolate war on my to read list forever. I’ve got to get that book! Congrats on a great finish to your semester!

  8. Honestly, couldn’t you squeeze a little more into your days – talk about a lazy life 🙂 (Think I need a nap after reading your schedule, I’m exhausted!)

  9. Maybe you’ll get to intern at Matthews Elementary–a lovely small school where all the children of the UT students used to go to school–very international. My little kids went to K and 1st there.

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