The Case of the Missing Pizza

Last night, we went over to spend the evening with a couple who recently moved into the area. We’d agreed to order pizza when we arrived at their house and so, at 7:26 p.m., we placed an order for two pizzas and were told they would be delivered in 34-40 minutes.

They took us on a tour of their house and then the husband, B, and Bart went upstairs to look at some work B was doing, while H and I stayed downstairs and chatted. Their baby eventually woke up from a nap, and we all reconvened in the kitchen. H looked at the time and realized it was now nearly an hour since we had ordered this pizza.

“I’m going to call and see if we can get it free or discounted since it’s late,” she said.

B told us she was a pro at getting free things, and he always had her do it since he was lousy at it.

Unfortunately, the lady on the line was very abrupt, telling her it was only 10 minutes late and it would still be plenty hot when it arrived.

Twenty minutes later (H was watching her cell phone to see how long it had been since her last call), she called again. This time the lady was significantly nicer. H told her we wanted the pizzas for free, and, since the driver had now been out for nearly 90 minutes and there was no guarantee he would ever arrive, she wanted a second set of pizzas sent immediately for free. And she wanted two free pizzas the next time they ordered. The lady quickly agreed.

And then we waited. Finally, H called the lady back and told her to have the driver call us. He did and H spent 10 minutes trying to get the driver to the house.

“He’s older,” she told us. “I’m going to tip him, even if he took over an hour and a half, because I feel bad for him.”

When he arrived, H went to the front door to get the pizzas. She returned a few moments later with the boxes.

“The first thing he said to me was ‘You can write my tip in here,'” she laughed.

We finally ate pizza.

Ten minutes later the second round of pizzas arrived. When B went to the door, the girl didn’t even stick around to see if she’d be tipped. She shoved the boxes at B and fled.

And that is how to get six pizzas for a two dollar tip.

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  • Reply Gina August 26, 2007 at 11:22 pm

    It’s amazing what you can get when you have been wronged. For example, we had a pretty crazy trip to Utah from Baltimore. We were supposed to arrive at 10 am, but arrived closer to 10pm. K and A were only 2 and 6m at the time. It was a long, miserable day. But after a nice letter from me, South West sent us 3 free tickets to use anytime to anywhere. Not too bad, still I would rather have had a great trip and gotten six pizzas for $2.

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