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Why can so few people blog articulately and respectfully about religion and their beliefs? It seems like the vast majority of blogs that I read that are written by very religious people are “holier than thou” or close-minded to a fault. I certainly don’t think that you should have to hide your beliefs or that religion can’t be a part of your writing. I just wish that people who did write about those aspects of their lives and beliefs would do so in a more respectful, less judgmental way. How is it that politics is so often a much less offensive or debatable topic in the blogging world than religion? Religious beliefs, I’d think, should be unifying, rather than so exceedingly divisive.

I think Melanie writes about religion better than any blog I’ve seen. She doesn’t mention it terribly often or make a big deal out of it, but it’s clear to me, as a reader of her blog for almost a year, that she is deeply religious and that it’s a very big part of who she is. I respect that about her; I appreciate her posts about her faith because they are so simple and pure, without judgment or pressure to believe as she does. Her Easter post was beautiful because of those elements. I think that you could appreciate the sentiments whether you were a non-denominational Christian, a Mormon, a Catholic, a Baptist, etc.

Why can’t everyone write about religion like that? Why does it have to be a topic that constantly spawns heated debate and dislike for others? Why do most blogs that are blatantly religious make me uncomfortable?

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  1. Interesting post. I wonder if religion is just one of the things that people are the most emotional and defensive about, and the internet is so gloriously anonymous, so people feel like they can really vent. I find myself getting really worked up over silly little things I read on Feminist Mormon Housewives or whatever and I feel almost too ready to share my thoughts with everyone just because none of them know who I actually am and there will be no consequences for me in my real life if I offend someone.

  2. Well, for me, my faith and beliefs are so incredibly personal – I would hate to blog about them and have someone leave rude, biased and degrading comments about me, my faith, or my religion. I tend to keep them to myself, and really only share them with people and know and trust. anyways, that’s my opinion.

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