Baby Shower

Our neighbors just had a little boy a few weeks ago, and a month or so before he was born, a couple of my friends and I threw a baby shower for them.

It was the first time I’ve hosted one and I was delighted by how it turned out.

Because I am spend way too much time looking at blogs and Pinterest, I felt certain we needed a theme.

And this is what I learned about a theme – it doesn’t make your party harder, it makes your party easier (I know, is your mind blown too?) Because once we’d decided on a theme, picking food and decorations was about one bazillion times easier.

After ten seconds online, we decided on a rain theme (baby shower? The Internet is so clever).

We did no games because I loathe baby shower or bridal shower games and everyone just wants to visit anyway at the events I go to around here. No one seemed to mind at all that we basically just sat around talking and eating as fast as we could.

Food. Glorious food.

We tried to make all the food (with the exception of the jalapeno dip with veggies) rainy day or cloud related. So we had cloud cupcakes and cloud cookies and ridiculously good roasted tomato soap and (my contribution) Pavlovas (don’t they LOOK like clouds?) with lemon curd and strawberries.

Besides the pavlovas and jalapeno dip, I also did the decorations, which was a fun little project that I forced Landen, my lovely houseguest, to help me with. I think she was happy to move out the next day.

Clouds: the only ones in Texas the whole summer.


Rainboot vases
Umbrella banner
Front door umbrella


Gifts, take-home cookies and Adam, making toast in the background


Lindsey opening gifts


Holding someone else’s darling child.


The whole group – we had a nice turnout

It was so fun that we hosted another one just a couple of weeks later (um, for someone else, obviously). I’m a baby shower machine! Have a baby and I’ll throw you a shower too. I need an excuse to go buy out the paper section at Michael’s and spend the whole night making banners.

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  1. What an adorable theme!

    And can I just say how much I appreciate your not having games. I loathe bridal shower games, but baby shower games? Loathe doesn't even begin to describe the way I feel about sniffing melted candy bars in a diaper or tasting baby food. Ugh.

  2. so darling!

    I threw a shower for a friend a few months ago (well, it was april, so more than a few months!) and had a book theme. I asked everyone to bring a book to begin the baby's library.

    I also loathe games at showers, but I did ONE, and I thought it was fun. I had a list of 20 well-known children's books, and found a picture of the main character, and asked people to identify the character OR the book, and I gave a bonus point if they knew both.

    apparently people don't read children's books like I do, because people hardly knew any of them. I was so sad.

  3. Looks like a success. I've only thrown one baby shower and it was my first and it went well but I had so many people turn out I was a bit freaked. I didn't have such a cute theme either! I love the decorations.

  4. Very cute. The foods looks delicious. I don't mind silly word or name games, but other than that I rather dislike games, too.

  5. Such a sweet theme! And good job on the decorations — I especially liked the rainboots vase.

    I'm currently planning my fourth shower in five months…when it rains, it pours (no pun intended).

  6. Oh! I'm having a baby! Want to come to Colorado and throw me a shower?

    The theme and decorations are darling, I'll have to keep them in mind for next time I throw a baby shower.

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