Ani: Twelve Months

Over the weekend, Ani turned one.

I know. It’s blowing my mind too. I feel like she was just born. She has been the highlight of our year – almost every night, Bart and I say to each other, “Could you love that baby anymore?”

I can’t imagine our family without this little red-head.

If there are twelve things to know about Ani at twelve months:

  1. Definitely walking. She still crawls a lot, but more and more, she’ll stand up on her own and try to walk as far as she can. I’ll never get tired of that funny little walk (I wrote a whole post on Disney Baby about why I think walking is WAY better than crawling).
  2. A tooth! Finally! A single, solitary bottom tooth. At this rate, she’ll probably a full set by the time she starts junior high.
  3. After she slept through the night in Williamsburg, I said, “Enough!” and we let her cry it out the next night. After that one night, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. And my sanity is slowly returning.
  4. If she sees something she wants (mainly food), she opens and closes her hands over and over to let you know she would like some now.
  5. When I turn on music in the car, she starts bouncing her whole body along to the rhythm. Both of my girls are enormous fans of music.
  6. If you try to feed her something and she’s not interested, she jerks her head to the side and closes her mouth and eyes to let you know that, no, she will not be eating that, but thanks anyway.
  7. She does not like me to be out of her sight. If I walk away, there will almost always be tears.
  8. She always wants to be in Ella’s room. As soon as she’s dressed or has a diaper change, she’ll crawl away into Ella’s room (which is right next to hers). Ella always says, “She’s going into the fun room!”
  9. It is SO easy to make her laugh. So we’re all always trying to make her giggle.
  10. She is a screamer! (My brother Shepard was too). She screams when she’s mad, but mainly her screaming is just a “whoa, look what I can do with my voice.”
  11. She strongly prefers cheddar cheese to mozzarella.
  12. Talking, all the time. The only things that seem like they might be words are “mama” and “yeah.” Other than that, it’s just darling little jabbering.
P.S. I’ve also been working on a couple of projects with HP’s new mobile printers, which has been very fun (and this was not the ink involved in my polka-dot shirt tragedy).The first one was holiday dinner picture place cards (say that five times fast), where I got to use one of my all-time favorite pictures of Ella, and the second one was a way to keep your advent calendar from looking sad and lonely as you countdown to Christmas. This one uses a picture of ME as a baby (where I definitely think I look quite a bit like Ani).

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  1. Ani sounds like the sweetest little 1 year old! Happy Birthday to her! It really is amazing when they start sleeping through the night, isn't it?! So glad you're getting a full night of sleep now!

  2. I was actually on bed rest with my twins when you posted about Ani's birth (you read a lot of blogs when you can't get out of bed!), and it seemed like I still had an eternity left on my pregnancy (because I kinda did, at 24 weeks!). Then I gave birth a few days later, which, very strangely, means there's only about a week between our babies' birthdays. Reading that she's turned one brings me back to that day! (Funny the things we remember…)

    In any case, happy birthday, Ani!

  3. She is a beautiful baby and the smiles in each photo shares her joy! I love the simple fact that she prefers cheddar over mozzarella. She has her own opinion.

  4. Jillian saw this post up on the screen and said, "There are a lot of happy babies." Then she said "Why are they in a box?" You have a very cute, happy baby in a box 🙂

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