Easy and Classy Halloween Table Decorations

There’s nothing like a fun and festive Halloween dinner to celebrate the season and these classy Halloween table decorations are simple and inexpensive and make for beautiful Halloween tablescapes! 
halloween centerpieces ideas

When I was growing up, we usually had a Halloween dinner before we headed out to trick-or-treat.

I remember root beer in a plastic cauldron with dry ice smoke and a block of ice frozen in a rubber glove to look like a hand bobbing inside it. There was also jello shaped like a hand (one upside of having a dentist dad is that there is no shortage of rubber gloves).

One year we had stew in a pumpkin, and I seem to recall deviled eggs topped with a sliced black olive to look like eyeballs.

There probably were not hot dog mummies because my dad thinks hot dogs are basically the most disgusting food on the face of the planet, a sentiment Ella has shared for the last three years.

We have had zero fun Halloween dinners in our house, but this year, I’m hoping to change that. It’s nice of Halloween to fall on a Saturday this year to make that more likely.

Of course, instead of thinking about what food I’m going to serve, I’ve been fooling around with the Halloween table decorations because . . . why not?

I particularly love creating Halloween tablescapes because our kitchen table was purchased for $40 at Goodwill in North Carolina and although it serves the purpose of holding plates and cups, it’s not particularly good-looking, so any excuse to cover it up with a tablecloth is a good excuse in my book.

Also, when we moved back to Texas and sold all our regular dishes, we bought these black dishes, plus a set of red ones, at Wal-Mart because they were extremely cheap.

But after about two weeks, I threw caution to the wind and bought a full set of white dishes from IKEA because things just look better on white plates, I think. But every now and again, having a full line-up of black dishes really comes in handy, so I’ll probably keep them forever (but don’t look at them too closely because they scratched about five seconds after we bought them).

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I don’t love scary or gross decor, so I loved how these classy Halloween decorations felt festive but elegant.

I was so happy with how these Halloween table decorations turned out and can’t wait to reuse them year after year! halloween table decorationshalloween table centerpieceselegant halloween decorations

classy halloween decorationshalloween tabletop decor ideas

Halloween place settings

Sources for these Halloween Table Decorations:

Tablecloth: Long cut of burlap from Jo-Ann Fabrics (it cost about $5 and it has been useful 10,000 times)
Glass Bottles: I bought mine on clearance at Michaels, but there are similar ones available online here.
Feather and Glitter Bouquets: Michael’s
Ghost Carafe: made by me (tutorial here)
Pumpkins: Wal-Mart
Pumpkin Place Cards: made by me (tutorial on Cardstore)
Chandelier garland: Etsy
Straws: Target
Halloween Forks: Etsy
White Plates: IKEA
Black Plates: Wal-Mart

Classy Halloween tablescapes

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  1. This tablescape is gorgeous! You really did an awesome job! I feel like I never have the right touch to get all the pieces just right. We made the same fatal black plate choice at the beginning of our marriage and are still reaping the terrible rewards of it (scratches everywhere!)

  2. This tablescape is fantastic! Love how simple it is but so effective and lots of great little details.

  3. I really do not like Halloween myself but to keep it fun for my kids, I would dream up a scary dinner every year. They are older now but still recall these with fond memories. Sorry hot dogs were on the menu a few times. Table is adorable.

  4. I think the stamped Cutlery is so cool. One of the girls who founded the company is my cousin in law. 🙂 YOu styled their stuff nicely.

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