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Today, I’m in New York City!

I flew in yesterday afternoon (after a dark and early 3:15 a.m. wake-up so I could catch my flight), and today, I’m doing a Facebook Live video over on the Pampers Facebook page.

the best chocolate chip cookies in new york city the best chocolate chip cookies in new york city

the best chocolate chip cookies in new york city

My friend Caroline, from Chocolate & Carrots, and I will be chatting all about potty training. She has two little boys she’s trained and I’ve only trained girls, so we’ll both be weighing in with our experiences and tips.
Caroline and I met at a Pampers event back in 2015 when we were the only two people who brought along babies to Cincinnati. And our babies were just two weeks apart.
This time, we both brought our NEW babies to New York and these babies are just six days apart (and this time we both have girls).
She’s the kind of friend that texted me a list of places she wanted to eat while we were here, which is the very best kind of friend, and it took us all of fifteen minutes after arriving at the hotel to set off to get treats at Dominique Ansel Bakery (I’ve been dying to try his chocolate chip cookie since I read about it in Always and Forever, Lara Jean, and it didn’t disappoint – it was SUPERB).
Anyway, if you want to join us today at 1 pm EST, you can hop over to the Pampers Facebook page, and you’re welcome to ask questions or share your own tips! If you can’t watch it live, it’ll live permanently on the Pampers Facebook page, so you can watch it any time.
I’m crossing my fingers that after our Facebook Live video,  I’ll have time to stop by Levain Bakery to try THEIR chocolate chip cookie. I had their famous cookie (and loved it) when I was here in 2013, but clearly it’d be wrong to not let it have a head-to-head test with the Dominique Ansel one. Someday, I’d like to come to do a research trip to find the best chocolate chip cookies in New York City.
You KNOW I’d do a Facebook Live video about that topic too.

the best chocolate chip cookies in new york city

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  1. I LOVE the idea of a solo + baby trip to NYC although, in my head, I am probably romanticizing it…maybe I just want to go back to New York!

  2. We just missed each other! My daughter and I were in NYC from Tuesday through Thursday for a theatre expedition. She brought me to Schmackary’s for cookies. My chocolate chip cookie (warm) was quite yummy!

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