10 Free Things to Do During Spring Break

Looking for fun things to do during spring break that won’t break the bank? Here are 10 easy ideas for how to enjoy the spring weather without killing your wallet!

things to do for spring break

things to do during spring break

Spring Break is right around the corner and I know LOTS of people are staying home this year.

If you’re looking for some fun, free things to do for spring break, these are some of our go-to activities!

We’re rarely gone for all of spring break, which means we have days at home that I still want to feel special and so the week before spring break, I always have the girls make a list of what they want to do during their days at home.

It’s so fun to see what they come up with!

If you’re looking forward to spring break (or just on the hunt for easy and free activities to do in the afternoons or on weekends), these are ten of our favorite free family activities that are perfect things to do during spring break:

things to do for spring breaks

10 Free Things to Do During Spring Break

  1. Visit the Pet Store. My children are obsessed with the zoo, but they’re just as happy with a trip to the pet store which is much closer and costs nothing except me lifting a toddler up to look in all the fish tanks for thirty minutes. I guess I should count it as a workout.
  2. Check out your library’s programs. Many libraries do fun events during spring break, whether it’s in person or virtual. Plus, it’s a chance to pick up the world’s most giant pile of books to read during spring break.
  3. Have a movie morning. We do movie night almost every Friday night, but doing a movie on a different day of the week and in the morning, rather than at night, seems special. And if you do popcorn or bowls of cereal to go along with it, that’s extra fun.
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt walk. Sometimes when I really need to get out of the house but the girls are resisting going for a walk, I write down a list of things for them to find while we’re out and suddenly they’re all enthusiastic. From a potato bug to a newspaper to a red leaf to two people walking together, having something to look for and then cross off their list is one of their favorite activities.
  5. Eat a meal al fresco. Whether it’s a picnic lunch in the park or dinner on the back patio, any meal eaten outside is automatically more fun. Plus, when the weather is gorgeous, you want to take advantage of it!
  6. Visit a new park. We have a park within a quick walk of our front door, but most cities are FULL of great parks and I try to keep a running list of new ones to check out. And my children are at the golden ages where they actually can play on their own now and I can sit on a bench and read a book.
  7. Arrange a backyard play date. My girls LOVE having friends over and would happily play for hours and hours with friends. I especially like it when I can get my act together enough to invite the mom to come too and have lunch together. Even a peanut butter sandwich and some store-brand chips seem a lot more fun when you have friends around. And I could always use a little more adult interaction.
  8. Visit a bookstore (or the toy aisle at any store). Whenever I need something to keep everyone happy for an hour or two, the bookstore is a sure win.
  9. Find a pond or river. Take along some birdseed to feed the ducks or throw rocks. My girls LOVE a pond and could spend a solid hour just looking in the water, poking sticks in, and tossing rocks.
  10. Have a family game afternoon or night. We have a giant collection of games and the girls love when we set aside an hour to just play whatever games they want, from Bears and the Bees to Sleeping Queens to Sequence Jr. All of which make for fun spring break activities.

things to do for spring breaks

Any other fun and free suggestions for things to do during spring break?


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  1. Your girls are all equally adorable but I have to mention Ani’s hair, it is gorgeous! She may not always love it but I’m sure you’ll tell her how beautiful it is. My children are big now and I so enjoy seeing yours growing up.

  2. I think when my daughter’s a little older, I would love to have her volunteer at an animal shelter (or a post office food drive) over an extended vacation. I was able to do volunteer things like that growing up, and they are some of my favorite memories.

    Also, if you have a local nature conservatory, they’ll often have free nature programs for kids, so that’s a good option too!

  3. We had some Japanese gardens that were also lovely and fun for the kids; a different sort of park for them. Or we’d go to a different branch of the library. And not quite free, but just riding the commuter train was an adventure for my train-mad pre-schoolers (although one mean conductor tried to claim that only one under-five per adult was free, although he had no documentation besides the “under five: free” sign on the ticket chart.).

    Oh, this sounds a bit kill-joyish, but I just saw somewhere that bread is bad for ducks! Who knew? Apparently we were supposed to be tossing frozen peas or corn at the birds.

    1. I just heard the same thing about ducks, can’t believe after 30 years I’m just now hearing this! I even grabbed bread and went to feed a cute duck couple that was bathing in a puddle in our alley when I got home from work last month.

      I did read oats are good for them too (rolled or instant), and I seem to always have those on hand, but it’s just not the same 🙁 Hopefully I haven’t made too many ducks sick, but at least I’m not leaving them cherry pies, like I saw someone did at our neighborhood pond!

  4. You share the best ideas! I am adding to our games with your ideas! I can not find Nine Innings. Where do I find the game? Also, is Sequence, Jr. the same as Sequence for Kids? I assume that it is! You are amazing and I look forward to your posts for great ideas with my little grandchildren.

    Happy Easter!

    1. Our spring break week is coming up soon. I love these ideas. I’m going to try to use many of them. My children are 9-13. I think they will have a great time.

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