Weekends Worth Living For

I love Sunday evenings. We get home from church, we have dinner, Bart does the dishes, and then we usually just lie on the couches and read or talk until bed time. Occasionally, we’ll play a board game together. We rarely go out anywhere on Sunday night. I like how relaxing and calm it is before we jump back into the week.

We just rearranged our living room a bit more last night (check out our family blog, 26vibrations.blogspot.com, for pictures), and it’s so nice in here now. We bought two CD towers at IKEA yesterday (two trips in one day, actually, which very nearly did Bart in), and some baskets for the bottom of our bookshelf. We also brought in the green chair and ottoman from the study and put it in the living room. The room looks fantastic.

Our CDs had been sitting in a box since we moved to Austin, and it was excellent to finally go through them last night and organize them. We have this fun CD player we got for Christmas from Bart’s dad, and now we actually remember that we have music to play on it. After sorting through all the CDs yesterday, I’m anxious to get listening! Some of those CDs haven’t been listened to in years. Plus, Bart has stacks of CDs that I’ve never listened to and would probably very much enjoy.

Before we went out and spent over a hundred dollars at IKEA, we purchased two maps online which should come next week. One is a world map, which we plan to frame and put above the fireplace (our wedding picture is a bit small), and the other is a map of the London Underground (the Tube) system. Since both Bart and I have been to London and loved the Tube (good public transportation is just so awesome), it seemed like the kind of thing we would love to have up on our wall. I can’t wait for them to show up! There’s a store nearby that sells very inexpensive, but nice, frames, and I’m so excited to go pick two out for these new maps. Plus, less empty walls! Hooray!

We also rented and watched Pride and Prejudice last night (the new one), which Bart hadn’t seen yet and I’d only seen once about a year ago. We planned to only watch a little of it, since it was getting quite late after we’d put together our CD towers and put away the CDs, but it was so good that we ended up watching the whole thing. I may actually prefer the new version to the Collin Firth version, much as I love that one. Great show. Bart absolutely loved it too (the man is a gem!), which made it even more enjoyable. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Right now. Don’t think, don’t hesitate, just watch it.

Now it’s off to look up recipes for fudge because, hey, when isn’t fudge a good idea. Also, Bart has fallen asleep on the couch, so I may be able to eat the whole pan before he wakes up.

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  1. I’m so JEALOUS that you have Ikea. The new Pride and Prejudice is wonderful, indeed. But really, who beats Colin Firth? He’s dreeeeeamy.

  2. I love Sundays too, at least when they are calm and help you get a good start to the week. I saw your new goodies on your other blog and I’m so jealous!

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