Week 24

I felt like I only looked vaguely pregnant when we left on vacation. Not so now!

[Dress: Target, Sweater: Anthropologie, from Landen
Belt: Target, Shoes: hand-me-down from my mom]
While we were gone, I was suddenly struck with the wild urge to get our house in order again (I’m guessing mostly nesting, with a side of living out of a suitcase for two weeks), and I have a lot of organizing and little projects in mind to work on over the next few months.
This is the part where you should get worried because I’m certain to foist poorly-taken photos of them on you between now and the end of November. 
I mean, who WOULDN’T want to see before and after pictures of every closet and cabinet in my apartment? I cannot even fathom that such a person exists.

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  1. You look gorgeous!!! I love that dress! Is it maternity?? I've never seen that pattern at the Target's around here, but I'm going to check them again!

  2. Love the outfit (and the color, of course). You look lovely. Yes, we would like to see pictures. Maybe they would inspire someone (no name mentioned lol) to get busy.

  3. I love seeing some good before and after organization! It's like my own personal kitty videos- can't get enough!

  4. You look fantastic! And, when you feel too large, just come find some pics of my belly. I think it took over the entire District of Columbia this morning.

    Also, I will totally enjoy seeing pics of your home organization. Maybe it will inspire me!

  5. as always … you look totally adorable! I remember 'popping' right at 24 weeks with Sebastian — although I would hardly call this a 'pop' — that would be post loaf of banana bread for me.

    And on a creepy note — when you wore this with Ella's pregnancy I remember really wanting to buy the same dress (I was preg with little J) to copy you but restrained — don't worry — staying a safe distance away up here in STL.

  6. i wouldn't have guessed you were pregnant from front-facing picture. you are, as always, so tiny! but i do love me some belly pics.

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