TLA and Interview

I am in Houston at TLA and it is everything I dreamed and more. I cannot even talk about it without going into wild-eyed and arm-flailing raptures. It is like trick-or-treating for book nerds – I came back to the hotel with three bags of free books. Brand-new, haven’t even been released books. They are, understandably, covered in drool.

In other news, Katie interviewed me on her blog; check it out here if you are so inclined.

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  1. Three bags of free books on the first day??? What do you think you’ll get tomorrow??? And I read the interview earlier — it was such a fun surprise to see your cute face on Katie’s blog!!

  2. Aaa! I’m so jealous! How I wish I was the teeny little super guy and could ride in your pocket while you’re there. And also get my own bag of free books…

  3. Oh, Janssen … you made my day with this: “It is like trick-or-treating for book nerds.” I.LOVE.IT! My ALA book haul was lovingly drooled upon back in June. Enjoy your books!

  4. My dad called me to tell me about the stacks of free books on all of the publisher tables. Made me so jealous! On a good note, my brother told me that next year he’d rather fly me down there to work his booth (company called Country Reports) rather than him doing it. I could SO do that.

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