I’m delighted to work with brands I love and that are a fit for the readership of Everyday Reading.

My goal with sponsored content is always to make it a win for both my brand partners and my audience, with useful and fun content accompanied by beautiful professional photography.

Here’s what my readers have to say about sponsored content on Everyday Reading:

I love the storytelling element to your sponsored posts. They are always so entertaining and interesting. It is one of your big strengths as a blogger – Amy

I usually breeze past other blog’s sponsored posts because they’re just so… sponsored. But your sponsored posts are genuinely engaging and I love your humble humor. Keep it up! – Haley

I’ve commented this before, but it’s so refreshing that your sponsored posts have actual content! I think that’s your greatest strength as a blogger – Karen

I am always so impressed with your sponsored posts. They make complete sense and I love the stories that go with them. I often find myself wondering who pitched the idea because it’s that seamless! – Nicki

If you’d like to check out previous partnerships, check out these posts:

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