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  1. Are you kidding me? Is that even physically possible. The thing I didn’t like about this test was how the words didn’t correlate with each other and so you couldn’t expect what word was coming up next. You totally more than doubled the score of your husband.

  2. I would really LOVE to see you in action. Just because otherwise that number is totally inconceivable for me. I can’t fathom what about 4x my speed would look like.

  3. I sometimes watch you type and I think, “Dang! She’s fast!” But I’ve never even heard of anyone typing that fast.

    I agree with Gretchen. It’s in-con-CEIV-able without seeing it! Good job!!!

  4. Janssen told me a trick and I increased my speed to 200.

    OK, that’s a big exaggeration. I actually got up to 93 (from a former high of 87) by focusing on words rather than letting myself sometimes think about individual letters. She has them all memorized as word patterns when she types, so she doesn’t have to worry about individual letters. I’m the same way with some words, but others I have to think about.

  5. Holy Crap! That’s pretty mind blowing. I type 9 words a minute. I’m shooting for an even 10 by the end of the year.

  6. Daaaaang… my 127 looks completely paltry next to this! Do you play the piano? Because you should!


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