Helpful Hints, Courtesy of Janssen

A suggestion:

Go on fun trips with a father-in-law who takes great pictures with a great camera and then have him burn you a DVD with all the pictures on them. Then you will not ever have to pull out your own camera but you will still have a lovely photographic record of your trip. Tis brilliant.

We’re flying home in a few hours and tomorrow, time allowing, I’ll post those pictures.

Another suggestion:

Perhaps don’t wait until you are flying home on Monday night to start your paper that is due on Tuesday afternoon. Guess what I’ll be doing on the plane. . . (hint: not watching 24).

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  1. Torsten loves taking pictures and so sometimes we go on whole trips where I don’t even touch the camera. It’s great.

    Good luck with the paper!

  2. love the suggestion…wouldn’t happen with my family! can’t wait to see the pictures. as for the paper, well, you must work really well under pressure! good luck…

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