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  1. I love how every few pictures there is one of you with either books or ice cream. 🙂 The most important things in your life. 🙂 I also loved that you went to Steiner street, home of “Full House” 🙂

  2. Oakland temple!! I’m so jealous. Some day I WILL get to northern CA just so I can go through that temple. Love love love that temple.

  3. I’m so glad you found Jansen street!

    I guess I need to put pictures up too…lazy bum that I am hasn’t got around to it. Hopefully tonight unless I get swallowed in the goodness that is 24.

  4. A. love the library shots.

    B. you are impossibly cute

    C. SEALS!! Did you see them? Or just the sculpture?

  5. Noelle beat me to the comment that books and ice cream seem to be the theme of the trip! I’m so totally with ya on that!

  6. HA! I never thought of the amusing Bart BART parallel before!

    Looks like fun and makes me a little homesick 😉

  7. Ok, for the longest time I was wondering why I associated Bart with San Francisco and now it makes sense. Duh, BART and Bart. I grew up riding BART into SF multiple times a year.

    I’m a quick one.

  8. Oh, it looks like the perfect trip!

    Also: go play some Rock Band! I love playing a video game where after I don’t feel like I’ve spent my time sitting around playing a video game.

  9. I love that it was sunny for you!!! Hooray!! (And who knew SF was YOUR City? Between the Bart and Jansen street you’ve got one personalized zip code, lady!)


  10. I am jealous, too. I have been through SF at least 10 times, but I have NEVER been able to get my husband to stop. We’re always in a big hurry to get from our son’s in the north to my in-laws in the south or vice versa.

    Hope you truly had a good time.

    Has school started?

  11. i think it looks like you had a great time! i particularly like the one of you in the library. glad you didn’t miss that tourist site 🙂

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