Project Nesting

We’ve been on a big kick to get some things done around the apartment to make it ready to house another small person, and, good heavens, am I happy.

I mean, it cost me $8 to replace the pink crib sheets (that we bought during the 3 minutes we considered having the nursery be pink in 2010) with some plain white ones and now I’m wondering what I was waiting for. We aren’t loaded, but $8? I think I could have sprung for that sooner than TWO YEARS AFTER PURCHASING THEM AND INSTANTLY REGRETTING THEM. Ahem.

Also, if you live in an apartment, I would highly highly recommend a platform bed because the space under ours is invaluable. Goodbye, baby items and Christmas decorations. It is so nice to not have to look at you until I need you (although it’s a tad inconvenient to have to wait until Bart is around so that he can lift the mattress up and I can access them. Fortunately, I’m rarely in dire need of a Christmas ornament in the middle of a September afternoon).

My to-do list is still going strong, but here are three of my favorite little projects we’ve done in recent weeks.

We’ve had this piece of art from Korea up for the last two years and although I like it, I don’t like it in my living room (someday, Bart can hang it in an office or something. . . it’s not really my style).

I got a free canvas from a place that lets you print your photos on canvas, and I finally got around to ordering it now that we have these lovely family photos from Ralphie.

For a week after we hung it, both Bart and I couldn’t stop commenting on how much color and vibrance it brought to our living room. The horses have been banished to the closet.

And then this. You guys. Who knew $19 of hardware and ten minutes of effort from Bart could make me this happy?

This laundry closet has given me angst for the last two years. Bart hated that he had to move stuff any time he wanted to access his tools and I hated that I couldn’t reach the dryer buttons without moving the recycling bin all around. What a nightmare.

A new shelf, a little set of drawers for all my sewing/craft items, and voila! Nothing is stacked on top of other stuff, I can actually find my craft materials, the recycle bin isn’t in the way of everything and our games are no longer locked in Ella’s closet where, invariably, we only want them after she’s in bed. I have, no kidding, made the last fifteen people who came over look in my laundry closet.

And, last, but certainly not least, FINALLY putting some shelves above our desk. Without the shelves, I felt like this corner looked so dead, not to mention that everything got piled on the desk and all desk related things were stored in various random parts of the house, instead of all together.

We put these up one night after Ella had gone to bed and Bart got up with her the next morning. He told me that as soon as she came out of her room, she stopped and said, “Wow!” Clearly, her life does not have enough excitement in it.
It just fills my heart with joy to be able to find paperclips when I need them and also for my beloved Sharpie collection to be right at hand.

And, I did just write 2500 words about my laundry closet and wannabe-office. At least you don’t have to pretend to be interested like my real life friends, who, I’m sure, were not that enthused about my new laundry shelf.

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  1. This is very inspiring. I have been trying to go around my house doing the same things. It is good to know it can all be done so inexpensively.

  2. I love the bench under the photo canvas!

    Oh to have total control over my living space. Having to deal with other people's strange design choices and messes is one of my biggest frustrations in life. (First world problem, I know.)

  3. I love little projects like this. The ones that take an hour or two and less than $25 dollars and make a HUGE difference…yeah. I need to start/finish more of those.


  4. We're in the process of doing this very thing, not because we're nesting but because I'm just tired of not using our space efficiently when we have so little of it to begin with.

    And I may have laughed out loud at the idea of Ella not having enough excitement in her life, so much so that I startled the sleeping dog on the couch next to me.

  5. Consider me a real friend because I get freaking excited about shelves. Don't ask me how many people I talked at lengths with (at) about how I cleared another shelf off from our bookshelf for El's nonsense and it changed my life. And that wasn't a NEW shelf. That was just moving my crap around! Your laundry room looks amazing.


  6. tidy tidy 🙂 Isn't it funny how a few small changes can make you so much more organized? it's such a good feeling 😉

  7. Love the new canvas – so fun! There's nothing like investing in good storage solutions to make your whole life run better. Great shelving!

  8. I love when things are organized, and I would totally get excited about adding a new laundry shelf 🙂

    The shelves above the desk look great! I would have never thought to add shelving above it, but it works out perfectly and creates a little office nook, instead of just a desk in the corner. Love it!

  9. Your "wannabe office" is more legit that mine, nice work! I think you are spot on about the canvas being the right touch. You could even add another below or a piece of equally bright atwork, like a letterpress print, too. Here I am giving you advice when you didn't ask for it, oops!

    So fun to get a peek into your space. I agree, hanging shelves when you are renting is such a smart way to save space, as are the bed risers!

  10. I had pretty much the same reaction when we put a shelf into the laundry room. I could see my washer and dryer! Now I think we might need a second shelf too.

  11. I have what I call a "real life list" which, at this point in time includes taking clothes to the tailor/dry cleaner, buying plant food for my work plant, and putting up 3 shelves in my apartment. I need one in the bathroom to hold more towels, and in the kitchen for pots/pans and utensils. I have owned all these shelves since I've lived in my apartment (since February) I just have yet to put them up.

    I totally get it.

    Also, I'm impressed that you take the before photos.

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