No Apologies

This song/video IS my high school life. Except the part at the end where he decides he likes her. So, maybe not exactly like my high school life.

And yes, I love Taylor Swift.

Also, I owe Rockstar Kayla big time for sending me on this video when I was having a majorly bad day.

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  1. I love the part where she goes to the prom, leaving her glasses behind, all glam and his jaw drops to the floor. It's just like a fairytale.

  2. That video made my morning 🙂
    And that's my very favorite Taylor Swift song.
    Mr. E is also a HUGE TS fan, it's quite endearing.

  3. I'm glad you have no apologies for that–because I'm also a Taylor Swift fan, and I'm just fine with it.

  4. first of all, your glasses weren't even close to that big. and 2nd of all, I lived next door, so unless you had a crush on my little brother i'm sure you're talking about some other boy. 🙂 love that video!

  5. I love that Taylor Swift is the dorky girl and the mean, popular one. So funny – I almost didn't realize she was playing both parts at first 🙂

  6. That's just like my high school life too, except the end. And the enormous glasses. Thanks for sharing, I loved the video (and Taylor Swift!)

  7. There are a number of things I find very classic about this video (which I hadn't seen, thank you)…

    1. It's the tried-and-true, She's All That spunky girl behind the glasses / Clark Kent trick. As though we can't tell these people are attractive behind those frames!

    2. Also…the classic female protagonist donning white to seem angelic.

  8. cool video. Thanks for sharing.

    Taylor swift really has a good video director…I've enjoyed her videos.

    And her music is good too. 🙂

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