Let Us Pretend You Still Care About Halloween

The Halloween festivities went on and on. Just the way I like a holiday.

I am completely sold on having children because it means there is dressing up. And it doesn’t have to be me. Win-win. Indulge me while I share ten trillion pictures of my baby as an owl:

We had a big church party on Saturday evening, complete with a chili cookoff, carnival games, and Trunk or Treating. Which, hilariously, I was in charge of. Let me tell you, there were no centerpieces and no decorations. But there was plenty of food and excellent company. So I count it a success.

And I made nearly 200 mini cupcakes for the cake walk. I used it as an excuse to buy myself one of these things, which has improved my quality of life 1000%.

The problem with being in charge, is that people come and ask you questions and you have to make up an answer really fast and pretend you have put great thought into it. I haven’t yet mastered doing that without making a concerned face:

We went to Ralphie’s for Halloween dinner on Sunday, where I ate way too much stew and I made these pumpkin scones. I’d made them before and they were divine. This time, they didn’t cook all the way through, so they were kind of more like pumpkin muffins, rather than scones, which I’m totally over (that is such a ridiculous lie – I am still mega-disappointed. I hate it when things don’t turn out. The banana bread that was a horrendous flop five years ago? I’m still peeved about). Both times I made them without the glaze and without the butterscotch chips.

Also, I wore orange shoes:

I mean, when else can you wear orange shoes?

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  1. Great job on the costume! Ella is way adorable with her aviator goggles.

    See, you totally can make cupcake flights! Especially now with your fancy shmance frosting gun. And any occasion with a chili cookout is JUST FINE with me, centerpieces or no. 🙂

  2. Could not be any cuter! Love the owl costume and the shoes. Sounds like you guys had a pretty terrific holiday weekend.

  3. George was just saying that he had hoped to see Ella in full owl costume and voila! There she is, as adorable as any baby owl could be, with or without the mask.

  4. Love the owl costume! And you are making me feel guilty because we did nothing for Halloween. I do have a picture of Finn dressed up like a chicken though. I guess there is that.

  5. Hahaha ohh my goodness, your darling baby! That is an excellent costume and she is SO cute. Also, I love your shoes.

  6. That third picture makes my ovaries ache. For realz.

    My husband wears orange shoes as his every day shoes. He's a college professor, though, so I guess eccentricity goes along with the job descriptions.

  7. She was a darling owl and nobody missed decorations. It was outside! The kids' costumes were decoration enough. It was awesome!!!

  8. ok cutest owl and costume EVER! She is such a doll!!! and kudos on the cupcakes- they look amazing! btw great job on the ward trunk or trea- it looked way fun!!! and your shoes rock!:)

  9. How is she sitting up? It looks like she's unassisted…is she a prodigy baby that is sitting by herself at 3 months???

    And I love the costume, even though it still looks sort of like an Amelia Earhart costume with those goggles 🙂

  10. That costume is awesome! And of course Ella is perfect. Way to go with the church party and I have those same shoes, only in grey. They aren't nearly as cool as the orange. 🙂

  11. That is a darling owl costume with an even more darling baby in it. Where did you get it? I also love the shoes. I am glad you had a good Halloween.

    I feel the same way when I am in charge of parties. Everyone asks me questions and only sometimes do I know the answer. I just say, I don't know, let me think about that for a minute. Oh Well!

  12. I love the orange shoes…as in I may sneak down to Texas and steal them when you aren't looking. Because, you know, I'm like a ninja that way.

    BEST OWL EVER. Seriously so cute.

  13. Ohhh…let's keep the Halloween pictures coming!! Your little owl?! So adorable.

    And those orange shoes? WANT!

  14. Very cute! I love the owl costume! I've gotten pretty good at acting like I know what I'm doing at activities like that! I love the icing tool…although I wouldn't have the slightest idea what to do with it. Cute mini cupcakes! Where did you find the mini cupcake pan?

  15. I love the ten trillion pictures of your baby as an owl. I didn't get to see her mask at the trunk-or-treat, and I LOVE it! That was an ultra-cute costume. Not as cute as Roman's boxes of course, but definitely cute. Thanks to you and the committee for putting on the trunk-or-treat. It was great.

  16. sheesh – you are SO dang popular. And the owl costume, cupcakes and orange shoes totally cancel out the not-quite-perfect scones. Oh and the cute baby too.

  17. Love your little owl. (This year, there have been the cutest costumes ever.) It is a good thing those orange shoes wouldn't fit me, because they would mysteriously disappear from your house. (JK, of course, and that would be quite a feat, since I have no idea where you live.)

  18. Oh my goodness. I'm so happy I scrolled down my blog list cuz I missed this post; seeing that adorable baby owl! Oh, so adorable!! The shoes are cute also and I am curious where you found them. I'm sure the festival was fabulous and I know what you mean by feeling let down by baking problems. I'm still mad about a cake I made 4 years ago-made it once it was great, made a second time for a function and it was awful. Thanks for sharing your halloween photos.

  19. She is the CUTEST owl I have ever seen. Where in heavens name did you find that costume? You are brilliant with those cupcakes, and dang, I wish you were in charge of our trunk-or-treat. (it was a flop, seriously.)

  20. What a creative costume! Where did you find that? My daughter was a little lamb (a costume homemade by her Oma).
    Fabulous cupcakes!
    Where can I get a pair of those orange shoes?

  21. I am not one to gush insincerely over the attractiveness of other peoples' babies, so when I say that your child in that owl costume is absolutely adorable, you can just know I mean it. And, those shoes are certainly cute enough to be worn any time of year.

  22. I think the third picture is my favorite. And, like everyone else, where did you get the shoes? Why can't you wear them year round?

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