Janssen versus the Snow

All my little Vegas pallies are writing excited entries about the snow in Vegas.

And yet, I find it hard to be terribly excited as I’m sitting at home in my pajamas instead of beginning my descent into Vegas. Those few inches of snow have practically incapacitated the Las Vegas airport and our flight that was stopping Vegas before going on to California decided to go straight to California and skip Vegas entirely.

Which meant that just a few hours after Kristi had dropped us off at the airport, we had to call her husband and ask him to load back up their bed-bound children and come retrieve us. They are good friends. We owe them a bazillion dollars and also several hours of their lives back.

Please let that snow melt quickly. Especially since it’s supposed to be 75 degrees in Austin this weekend and I will be so unbelievably unthrilled if I leave this lovely gorgeous weather to go freeze in Vegas.

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  1. I thought it was funny that Las Vegas gets like ONE INCH OF SNOW and everything gets shut down. But then Philip reminded me that there are no snow plows, no snow shovels, no ice melting salt stuff, no nothing that will take care of this one inch of snow. It makes sense, but I still find it amusing that one inch has incapacitated an entire city.

    so sorry you aren’t home…you’ll be there soon 🙂

  2. Hey! We’re expecting 6 inches tonight! That’s a lot!
    And I am mad at snow. It was fun for 10 minutes. Now my trees are threatening to snap, and I’m brushing off my dish just to watch TV!
    …not to mention the fact that my hubby is stuck in a snowbank. Argh!

  3. Hey, I’m happy! School is closed for Thursday, so I can stay home. I’m sure going to miss those little 5 and 6 year olds…… NOT.

  4. I have to say I am really mad about all that snow too. But for different reasons. I lived in Vegas for 20 years and never got that much excitement and definately never had school cancelled for a snow day! I’m pretty envious of Vegas right now

  5. Bet it’s being fun for Crawford though! Hope you get there soon – know your Mom is eagerly awaiting your arrival! (Tell them to ship the snow to Utah, we wouldn’t even notice it!)

  6. I’m with you about the snow…they have no way of dealing with it, icing the roads off, or even de-icing the planes. That isn’t a good thing when you want to go there. Plus, living in Utah for almost 6 years, I’ve seriously gotten my fill of snow as is! Good thing we’re going to the beach for Christmas! Good luck getting to Vegas! Hope it stays warm for you.

  7. Oh the weather outside is frightful and I am delighttul! oh wait, except that my TV that has been out of comission two weeks getting fixed can’t be delivered as scheduale due to the snow (grr) and Top Chef didnt record on my DVR last night because my satellite shut down due to the snow (I had to brush it off like Ashley) and while it is fun to stay cozy in pjs and watch movies and organize your house since you’re snowed in, I want to meet my friends for kunch today- is that going to happen? Dunno. Oh, I hope you are able to come in Janssen. In the meantime, enjoy said lovely Austin weather. Oh and people here DO NOT know how to drive in the snow! Sigh wish I were in Hawaii or some other tropical place

  8. oh you were supposed to fly in last night!? stink!! there is actually a ton of snow (like 6 in. of the wet slushy stuff) even this morning. But I am sure it will all be gone by tommorrow – it is supposed to be 40+ today 😉

  9. Oh no, will you still get to spend some time there with your family?

    I certainly hope it melts soon; I’m scheduled to fly in Saturday morning. It’s so crazy that it’s been warmer here in Pennsylvania than it has been in Vegas or San Diego (my usually “warm” winter vacation locales).

  10. Here (Central Idaho), we’re getting snow and wind now, and another artic blast is supposed to hit tomorrow or Saturday. I just hope it doesn’t go too far south. I’m sure you are really anxious to see your family.

  11. I think I’m the one Vegas resident not excited at all about the snow. I left BYU-Idaho thinking I was leaving that horrible weather behind, I was wrong.


  12. We are currently in the midst of an ARCTIC BLAST! and it’s really getting quite old. So, while I am hoping that the snow melts in Portland, I’ll add Vegas to the list.

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