Hooray! It’s Friday!

It’s Friday morning, and I’m just happy to be alive. How can you not be happy on a Friday? All growing up, I never really understood the draw of weekends (I know, I was a weird kid). Even in college, it just wasn’t that huge to me, since I’d still have homework to do over the weekend. But now? That I’m out of school? Now that the weekends are mine, mine, MINE to do as I wish with? I love them. I dream of them. And today is that day.

So, in honor of this glorious light-heartedness I’m feeling, here are reasons to be happy today:

– I just realized that we are only paying $6.33 a month for each of our rec center memberships. Not only is it a great rec center, with an excellent gym, it is close! It is cheap! And, best of all, it is not Gold’s Gym. Because Gold’s Gym’s sole purpose in existing is not to help them achieve big muscles or flat stomachs, but rather to suck as much money as possible from anyone who is lured in by their “$2 sign up fee.”

– The sun is shining, but it’s not too hot, meaning it will be perfect weather to sit in the car during my lunch break, tip the chair back, and read (and maybe nap).

– Hummas! I made some this morning for the first time in several weeks and, mmmm. Tasty. When I was in London, my, um, second cousin’s wife made delicious hummas, and now I eat it practically every day with pretzels.

– Pay Day!!! Bart and I are on different pay schedules, but occasionally they intersect, like today, and suddenly our bank account looks so happy and friendly.

– A stack of good books to read. I went to the library earlier this week during my lunch break and now I’ve got plenty of good options. We’re going to an Easter concert tonight, but when we get home, I just want to lie on the couch with some pillows and a blanket and read for a long, long time.

– A NEW book that just came in the mail from my mommy about organizing! With pictures! Happy Friday to me!

Oh, lying down sounds so fantastic right now. This afternoon has dragged like I can’t believe. . .

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