Friday Joy

It’s easy to be happy on a Friday, and today I’m feeling particularly ebuliant because:

– Tonight we’re going to the Lauritzens for dinner and games. Is there anything more fun on a Friday night?

– We went out to an Indian restaurant on Wednesday night and at our fill of sweet Naan bread and curry. Mmmm.

– Bart’s dad is coming to visit in a few weeks (Bart has a dad and stepdad and I refer to both of them as his dad, which is probably really confusing).

– MY dad and my youngest sister are coming to visit the week after that. Hooray!

– A murder mystery dinner is in the near future!

– I’m going to Maine and Canada this summer with my mom and my sisters.

– I’m going to have an entire month off of school. This fills me with deep and everlasting joy.

– I’ll be doing a individual study class this summer working with a professor to catalog, read, and anotate books that are nominated for the American Library Association’s Notable Booklist for Children. I’m nerdily excited about this.

– The free musical that is put on in Austin’s outdoor theater every summer is Beauty and the Beast this year.

– It’s great weather to ride my bike to and from work.

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  1. How long does it take you to bike 20 miles? I’m jealous of the warm weather, it got cold here again. I think I”m most jealous of you getting to travel to Maine and Canada on your month off and also to see Beauty and the Beast with free admission!

  2. You have so many things to be excited about, and being excited is half the fun I think! I think the trip to Maine and Canada will be a blast. How do you pick the destination?
    I love when family comes to visit. Will’s dad and step mom are coming in May, yoohoo

  3. I can’t tell you how badly I wish my Texas trip had included a stop in Austin, because I miss you tons. Enjoy your Friday!

  4. Can I just say how jealous I am? Maine sounds delightful! Beauty and the best, wonderful! You’re going to have quite a fun summer.

  5. You’ve got some great things to look forward to–especially real vacation from school and all those great children’s lit reads!

  6. Friday Joy is so much better than Friday Rage, don’t you think? And you will have to fill me in on the free musical the next time we talk because I definitely want to know more about THAT.

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