Our Christmas Pajamas This Year

I was considering not getting new Christmas pajamas for everyone this year, but when I floated that idea by Bart, he said, “I love that tradition! We should DEFINITELY get Christmas pajamas this year.”

Christmas pajamas

(These were our Christmas pajamas last year – they’re currently on sale for 40% off through the weekend). 

It’s getting more challenging to find pajamas that fit everyone as Ella moves out of toddler sizes, but we managed to snag some and I can’t wait for them to arrive today so they can wear them all through December.

Christmas pajamas

I picked these ones from Target and every time I see a photo of them again, I feel VERY happy about my choice.

Christmas pajamas

I also bought myself this pair because they were on sale for 30% off, have amazing reviews, and I basically can’t get enough of pajama sets now.

Here are some of the other Christmas pajamas I considered (the amount of time I spent looking at pajamas last week was borderline crazy):

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