Along a Long Road by Frank Viva

Dear heavens, I love Along a Long Road.

The retro drawings remind me of an old family favorite, Manners Can be Fun, so I was instantly inclined to like it.

And when I opened it up, there were so many small details to look at and point out to a small child, without disrupting the clean look of the pages.

One of the reasons that the illustrations are so crisp is that there are only five colors used. And one of them is the yellow road, which is shiny and winds continuously through the pages (I read somewhere that it’s a total of 35 feet long, end to end).

The text is brief and quiet – the illustrations are really what makes this book so fun.

Copy received from publisher

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  1. Oh my gosh, that's the most wonderful cover I've seen in a long time. But the true test will be if it's better than The Pencil (my boys go NUTS for The Pencil!).

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