A Weekend in Galveston

I know – is there anything more dull than pictures of someone else’s vacation? Not likely.

Let me just crank up this projector and dim the lights. . . .

(Also, my sincerest apologies if you follow me on Instagram, where I posted quite a few pictures of our trip while they were happening. Have some more photos of someone else’s vacation (no cross-over between these and the Instagram photos, though. Those pictures are more of Ani eating sand and flag-themed cookies made by Ralphie).

So, all fears about the house were assuaged the moment we pulled up in front. It was a gorgeous house. Seriously, we spend the whole weekend saying, “This house is PERFECT!” There were two bedrooms plus a fold-out couch in the living room (and the living room closed up so it was private). Downstairs was a little apartment with a bedroom and another pull-out couch, a kitchenette and a bathroom.

Bright red door with stained glass window panel? Check.

Also, I brought my immersion blender for the soup I was making the first night we were there. Needn’t have bothered – the house had one. Actually, the house had EVERYTHING. Boogie boards, beach chairs, huge shade tent for the beach, fingernail clippers, hair dyers, Netflix, movies, and a laundry room. I was ready to move in permanently.



Any time I put Ani on the floor, she was immediately swarmed by Ralphie’s girls who couldn’t get enough of her.

The beach was only a few minutes walk from the house, so we made a quick trip down before dinner the first night.


Ella loved it (this was her first time at a beach). She cried each day when we had to leave. Also, three trips down to the beach with no sunburns. Patting myself on my non-scorched back for that one.




In the afternoons, after naptime for little girls, we did a few other things in Galveston, including visiting the library (which is distinctive for being the oldest continuous operating library in Texas).





It was really an ideal trip. Being there with Ralphie and Brian and their girls, and having Landen and Adam join us, made it so fun. We each made a couple of meals and walked to dinner in the evenings (we all really liked Mosquito Cafe).

I finished an entire book, we played games in the evening after the children were all in bed, Ralphie made cookies both afternoons, and Bart and I snuck in an episode or two of our recent favorite show, Continuum, during naptime, while everyone else visited the shops along the Strand. We spent some time at a big park after dinner one evening, thoroughly wearing out the girls before bedtime. Brian also made a doughnut run the last morning, which was a great way to finish off our trip.

On the way home, Bart said, “This trip was even more fun than I expected.” And I agree. I’m so glad we made it to the coast before we move (which is this weekend. Eek. Probably time to start packing).

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  1. It sounds so nice! I for one like to hear about people's vacations. So go on ahead and tell us all about it. That house is gorgeous! I love those giant shutters. Such a southern thing!

    1. Seconded! I like hearing about vacations too 🙂

      The house sounds lovely. I'd like to rent a place rather than stay in a hotel sometime. I've heard so many good things about it – especially saving money by cooking there instead of dining out for every meal.

  2. Oh wow, what an awesome-looking holiday weekend. I have to say, I've never had much of a desire to return to Galveston but that house is so cute, I've almost added it to my must-go list. (The list, it's so long.)

    Sounds like such a great time.

  3. We love the Mosquito Cafe! Hands down, my favorite restaurant in Galveston. Brunch is awesome! We were just there about three weeks ago during our Galveston vacation – but we stayed farther west on Jamaica Beach, right on the beach.

  4. Looks like a really nice trip, I love all the pictures (especially at the beach). Good luck wit the move!

  5. Looks like so much fun. T also threw a you-ruined-my-life tantrum when we left the beach in Brazil. He could have just moved there permanently.

    Also the blanket Ani is sitting on? So cute. Where is it from?

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