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A Birthday Confetti Banner

About six months ago, I saw this garland, and thought, “That is really darling.”

And then I saw that it cost nearly $40 and I laughed my little head off, and went on my merry, non-banner-buying way.

Then, Bart invited a bunch of friends over for a little birthday dessert over the weekend and while he was busy whipping up a cake, I pulled out the giant hole punch I bought for my wall art earlier in the year, and punched as many circles out of an unbound picture book I’d been hoarding for just such a project.

(By the way, may I highly suggest picture books as a great source of paper for these kinds of projects? The colors will all go together, and you can buy them super super cheaply at garage sales or your school or public library may have books they are weeding and just plan to throw away. And the paper is usually fairly high quality. And if such a suggestion means you need to take my librarian card away, so be it).

After punching out as many circles as possible, I threaded up my sewing machine and just sewed them together with a straight stitch until I had 5 long chains of circles.

At which point I made Bart stop cleaning up the kitchen and he hung them from the ceiling, where they made the entry way look very festive. I liked the look of them on the wall too,




Twenty minutes and about ten cents worth of thread? Not bad. Not bad at all.

Also, I didn’t have to plan many days ahead to account for shipping. I like a project that can go from idea to finished and cleaned up in 30 minutes.

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  1. Love it! Totally trying this for my next party (and I may even be able to use some of the old, rotting-away books in my mom's garage.)

  2. Oh my gosh, I just realized that I since I now have a sewing machine I can finally make these stiched-together garlands that I have long loved. Thanks for the reminder!

    PS: At first I was a little surprised that you cut up books, but you've written enough about your urge to keep things simple (i.e. not accumulate a ton of stuff) that it makes sense. I throw my Ensigns away; hopefully my temple recommend isn't confiscated!

  3. I LOVE it! And using picture books is such a good idea.

    I'm just curious…do you keep something like this? Or once the party's over, do you throw it away?

  4. This has got to be one of the cutest banners I've seen! Much more festive than dollar store crepe paper. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I LOVE circle banners! I've made lots of these- it's so easy to whip one of these up to match exactly what you need. 🙂

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