4 favorite things this month (+ my team’s picks!)

Happy (almost!) end of March!

There are lots of fun things around the corner – Easter, spring break, a trip to Nashville to speak at Mom 2.0 (if you’re interested in coming, you can snag a ticket here with my affiliate code BRADSHAW which takes almost 50% off) and more consistently warm weather!

It’s not hard to love this time of year.

Here are some of my favorite things right now!

S'mores cookiesS’MORES COOKIES
If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I take my cookies very seriously. I’m not satisfied with mediocre cookies and I want it all – perfect texture, looks, and flavor. So when I tell you that these s’more cookies might be my new #1 favorite cookies . . . know that I don’t say that lightly. I made these for Star’s birthday party in February and then ate a leftover one every day for a week and then made a second batch a week later. These cookies are BIG and the marshmallow melts into a caramely ribbon and the crisp edge paired with the melty interior is just unreal. (P.S. This cookie recipe is on her website, but it’s also in her Let’s Eat Cookies cookbook which is SO GOOD).

When we came home from Paris last fall, I suddenly (ahem, jet lag) was irrationally infuriated by how bad all my bras were. And these weren’t cheap little bras – these were nice, Nordstrom bras. But they made lines under all my clothing, I was constantly adjusting them, and I couldn’t wait to take them off at the end of the day. I started ordering different brands and when I tried the EBY support bralette, I haven’t worn a single other bra since then (and I donated all my Nordstrom bras without a second thought). My code is EVERYDAYREADINGFS15 which will take 15% off and give you free shipping.

I mentioned in January that one of the things I was focusing on this year was my hair. After a lifetime of thin, flat hair (aside from four glorious periods of pregnancy hair), I was determined to find some solutions. When I talked about this on Instagram, someone sent me a reel from Cake by Courtney about this volumizing hair iron and after a month or so of waffling about it, I finally ordered it and I was hooked from day one. It’s super easy to use and in a couple of minutes every few days, my hair no longer looks so so flat. I’m sold!

,Mike's Hot honeyMIKE’S HOT HONEY 
We had a fancy pizza night with friends back in January and one of the couples brought a bottle of hot honey. Didn’t take me long to add my own bottle to my grocery delivery order and I have LOVED it. I drizzle it on pizza or meat or avocado toast and it adds a phenomenal little spicy sweetness that I can’t get enough of.




And here’s my team’s picks!



wal-mart t-shirtThe Perfect Summer Wal-Mart T-shirt
The good weather days are creeping in here in Illinois, which means I am itching to wear some springy clothes. Most of my wardrobe in both spring and summer is jeans and a t-shirt, so when I saw these $9 t-shirts at Wal-Mart I had to try them. I bought the white, black and pink stripe, thinking I would just keep one…and then I decided to keep them all. The cut and fit is REALLY good. Not too short, boxy or tight. I like to half tuck these, but I will also full tuck if I’m wearing high-rise pants and feeling fancy.



Quince Sweat SetI’m about 20 weeks pregnant right now and in that awkward stage where my normal clothes don’t quite fit but maternity clothes don’t work well either. I’ve been rocking sweats and joggers most days, so what could I do but order more sweats! I ordered this Super Soft (these wide leg pants and this hoodie) set from Quince and love it! I like the wide leg pants and I think the set is really cute. I ordered a small (up one size from my normal XS) in hopes I can wear it throughout my entire pregnancy. They have a great (and free) return policy so it felt risk free to order and try it out. I also ordered one of their two pack of maternity tee shirts. I love that they don’t have the elastic ruching on the sides!



continuous spray bottleContinuous Spray Bottle
I always use a spray bottle when I style and cut my little boys’ hair, but they do not like the big heavy drops that come from a normal spray bottle. I picked up this continuous spray bottle that sprays like a mist, and it has made such a difference in how well they cooperate during hair time. I also love it for myself if I need to tame a few fly aways, and I must admit I use it to gently water my garden plant starts.


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