4 Favorite Things for August (+ My Team’s Picks!)

I can’t believe August is almost over! (And then into September, which I truly think is the best month of the year, very likely because I was born in September).

Here are some of my favorite things this month!

4 Favorite Things for August (+ My Team’s Picks!)

Bubble Huggies Earrings
Last month, we gave Ella these earrings for her birthday (I shared them in this post about what we gave her as gifts for her birthday) and she’s worn them virtually every day since then. They were so cute that I ordered myself a pair – they’re seriously such a fun basic with a twist. Use the code JANSSEN.


Foldable Cooler
Last summer, whenever we went to the lake, we took a cooler bag that we’d gotten free with an online order. It was always getting crushed and it didn’t keep things very cold. This summer, we upgraded to this cooler (it’s under $30!) and it’s been fantastic. It keeps everything cold, it keeps it shape but can be folded down pretty flat for easy storage at home (we did NOT have space to store a full-size cooler!), and the little opening at the top is so handy for grabbing snacks or drinks out without opening up the whole top. Every time we use it (which has been several times a week all summer long), I tell Bart, “THIS was a great purchase!”

Puff sleeve sweatshirt
You’ve probably seen me wearing this top all summer long, but as the weather starts to cool down, it’s even MORE in my rotation because it’s the perfect transitional top – not too hot and not too cold. I have it in the Sedona color, but it’s available in a bunch of other options too! Plus, it’s on sale right now! (Mine is an XS which is my normal size and fits perfectly).

Girls’ Flutter Sleeve Dress
At my family reunion every year, we take our Christmas card photos and there is always some sort of color coordination. This year, we did blues, whites, and burgundy and while most of us had items in our closet that worked, my two little girls did not and Amazon came to the rescue. I ordered them matching dresses but in different colors (Tally had white and Star had navy) and they were SO CUTE! They’ve worn them a ton since the photos – always my goal! – and they’re a perfect medium dressiness. Not too dressy for school but not ultra casual either. I love them both and the price is right. They have all these good reviews for a reason! 

And here are the picks from the rest of the Everyday Reading team!


leave-in conditionerLeave-In Conditioner and Detangler
We swim A LOT in the summer and both of my girls like their hair fairly long. For the longest time I used whatever detangler was on sale at the time, but I felt like all of them still left their hair crunchy and didn’t feel quite clean. This leave-in conditioner/detangler combo is a game changer. It makes our hair feel silky smooth, even after it dries, it smells amazing and it’s only $6! A total no-brainer in my book!



sunski yuba tortoise amber front angleSunski Sunglasses
I am definitely not as fashionable as Janssen, but I LOVE these classic, sustainable, and reasonably priced sunglasses. REI had them in-store so I was able to try them on, and they just so happened to be 20% off. I have also been super impressed with Sunski’s lifetime warranty – my husband just broke his pair after 3 years, and they fully replaced them, no questions asked.



Scalloped Sports Bra

I bought this sports bra last month, but ended up liking the look of it more for a swim suit than a sports bra. It is very supportive and great for water sports (or just chasing my kids around the pool). I paired it with these high waisted swim bottoms from amazon and I love the sporty but feminine look!

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