Who Hates Mondays?

I love Sunday evenings. It’s quarter to eight, but still pretty light outside (thank you, Daylight Savings), and we have the patio door open because it’s cooler outside than it is inside. Bart and I made some cookies (chocolate and raspberry. . mmm), and so it smells fantastic inside as well. It’s a gorgeous evening and I’m just happy to be alive.

I like Sundays because I start to get excited about the week ahead – how productive I’m going to be at work, how awesomely clean the house will become and stay, how I’m going to work out every single day (dream on. . .), all the nifty things I’m going to cook, the great things I’m going to read, etc, etc, etc. Of course, by Friday, I’ll probably be exhausted and only want to lie on the love sac and watch Smallville. Such is life. For all the bad rap that Monday gets, I’m a big fan of Mondays. I like starting over with a clean slate. I like going through my dayplanner on Sunday and making a list for each day (I’m less a fan of going through it at the end of the week and realizing that I failed to vacuum AGAIN).

We’re probably painting our bathroom yet again this week. We painted it first a color that was supposed to be a tan, but turned out to be cement gray (happy!) and then repainted it the same color that the rest of the living room/hallway/entry is. Although the color looks great everywhere else, it looks terrible in our bathroom. Some friends came over last night to pick something up and asked to see it. They oohed and ahhed at the color in the living room and then, when they looked in the bathroom, there was silence. Finally, the wife said “It’s very different than in the other room, isn’t it? ::more long silence:: kind of mustardy.” I think we’re going to paint it green (the same color as our study), repaint the cabinet and cupboards black, install the light we’ve bought (and that’s been sitting in our garage for months), put up a new mirror, and replace the sink. Eventually, we’d like to replace the shower with a tub, since it’s our only bathroom and it’d be horrendously inconvenient to only have a shower once we have kids, particularly since we’d like to be in this house for at least one kid and possibly two (no, that’s not an announcement). This means, of course, aNOTHER trip to the Home Depot to buy more paint brushes and some more expensive painting tape. Hopefully this will be the last painting for this house.

Alrighty, off to take these cookies to some various friends. If you lived close, we’d bring you some too.

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  • Reply Elizabeth March 19, 2007 at 1:25 am

    Thanks for commenting on my 100 Things About Me post. You are now my BBF!

    Good luck with the painting. I am TERRIBLE at picking paint colors, which is why most of the rooms in my house are still the off-white they were when we moved in.

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