When There is No Laundry Fairy

laundry hacks


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Nothing makes me feel like a real adult like being willing to iron most of the clothing in my closet.

As I’ve tried to follow the advice to only buy the things you really love, I’ve discovered that the clothing I really love generally needs to be ironed.

When I went to Alt Summit in January, on the second morning one of my roommates said to me,

“So . . . do you iron everything?”

I’ve basically turned into my mother.

And it’s not just my clothing – most of my girls’ clothing is now of the variety that needs a little visit from the ironing fairy before it’s presentable to wear.

laundry hacks

Since I buy 90% of my clothing items from ThredUp now, the items in both my closet and the girls’ closets are quite a bit higher quality than they’ve been in the past, and I’m highly motivated to keep them looking nice, since they’re not things I just want to donate in two months.

And along with being willing to spend a little more money on my clothing, I’ve also made the jump to buying higher quality laundry detergent.

I spent years buying the cheapest off-brand detergent I could find, and then wondering why my clothing never looked all that clean.

Years ago, when Ella started eating solids and getting food all over herself, I texted Ralphie in desperation and said, “tell me all your laundry secrets. Because otherwise I’ll be replacing Ella’s entire wardrobe every two weeks.”

Like a good friend, she spilled all her insider secrets, which basically boiled down to “OxiClean™ and a bleach pen.”

laundry hacks

Four years later, when I was pregnant with Star, I finally took her advice.

I’ll admit that I originally switched over because I was so into laundry-type smells during that pregnancy that all I wanted to do was stand in the laundry room and smell clean clothing, but then I noticed that everything was coming out so much cleaner.

It was ridiculously thrilling to see that stains actually came out of my clothing. Who even knew that this was possible? I’d lived for years under the impression that if I got an oil stain on something, that was the end of that item of clothing.

OxiClean™ removes all the tough stains, and protects both colors and whites, but is still gentle on clothing so everything lasts longer and looks good throughout its life (which, with three little girls, is a long time for some of these items).

laundry hacks

And while I’ve been upgrading the family wardrobes, OxiClean™ has been upgrading their products, so they keep getting better and better. The OxiClean™ HD™ Laundry Detergent is ridiculously impressive, and knowing that I can get pretty much any stain out makes me a much less neurotic mother, especially at mealtimes, which has definitely improved our family life.

Bring on the summer popsicles, cherries, and barbeque sauce. I’m ready for you.

laundry hacks

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  1. Oxiclean is the shiz. Whenever new moms in my FB groups are freaking out about how they can't get spitup or poop or whatever out of their baby's clothes I always preach the gospel of Oxiclean. Also, as I'm packing away all of Emmy's cutest clothes for her when SHE has a baby I'm soaking them all in Oxyclean before storing so there aren't any hidden stains to yellow while they're in storage.

  2. I think I've ironed less than 10 times throughout our marriage… That is not me bragging! And yes, I too am guilty of buying the cheapest detergent out there. Looks like I need to rethink both of these bad choices!

  3. We have hard water here and I'm allergic to a number of detergents, but when I started using the Oxiclean whitening detergent, suddenly everything was, amazingly, white again and not dingy. Also, allergy-freeeeeee.

    I am not with you on ironing though 😉

  4. Ok, so glad I am not the only crazy ironer out there!! When I go to conferences with my friends, I, of course iron my clothes, and then they'll be dressed, and when I realize what their clothes look like, I just look at them and they take it off and hand it to me. Not that they looked just awful or anything, it just looks soooo much better ironed!! Now they pretty much do it on purpose, knowing they would have actually ironed it if I hadn't, I still do it, we laugh about it!

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