What Happens in Vegas comes Home and is Blogged about

Vegas was fabulous. I hadn’t been home since Christmas and it was beyond wonderful to be back. The house my parents live in is not the one I grew up in (we moved about six weeks before I finished high school), but it feels like home to me. I rarely think of our old house these days.
We just really had a grand time seeing Blue Man Group (tickets courtesy of my very generous parents), going down to watch the fountains at the Bellagio, going to the wedding reception of some kids I grew up with, and getting to spend time with all three of my best friends from high school. It was just so, so fun. Also, there was the world’s largest chocolate fountain.

I wasn’t at all ready to come home on Tuesday afternoon, when we were supposed to fly out, but by Wednesday morning I was eagerly anticipating getting back home, since I was so remotivated about cooking, cleaning, working out, house projects, and finances. Bart and I actually balanced the checkbook on the plane and reworked our budget.

Anyway, highlights:
– Eating at In-n-Out THREE times. It was indeed a successful trip.
– Seeing Hairspray. Oh, how I loved that movie. And, oh, how I love that soundtrack. Bart and I have been singing and listening to it all week.
– Singing very loudly with my Mom in the car to “Before He Cheats.” Classic. I got my singing/dancing in the car love from her (and I get the weird looks from fellow drivers to prove it).
– Watching the Bellagio fountains (this never gets old for me).
– Taking Crawford to school.
– Going shopping with my Mom (pictures to follow of my excellent birthday presents).
– Having the nice guy at the NorthWest counter rush us through so we didn’t miss our flight when we got there late (and tipping him with a few bucks and a coupon for a dozen free Krispy Kremes).
– Bringing home twice as many clothes and three times as many shoes and still getting them all into my suitcase without having to unzip the expansion section.
– Having FHE with my parents and Crawford.
– iSighting with my sisters in Provo.
– Helping Landen rearrange her school schedule.
– Packing up two boxes of my books to bring home (hooray for original copies of my lifetime favorites).
– Going to ClaimJumper and having the fabulous and huge toffee chocolate chip cookie sandwich (No joke, each cookie is as big as my head. Then they put ice cream in between. Then they slater it with caramel and fudge and whipped cream. And then you go into a diabetic coma).
And one big fat downer:
– I lost my sunglasses the second day we were there and never found them. I’m completely addicted to wearing sunglasses (I can hardly keep my eyes open in the sun without them) and I haven’t replaced them yet. I feel their loss deeply.

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  • Reply Karen September 10, 2007 at 11:57 am

    Never knew Las Vegas could be so fun. Actually I like many things about the place as long as I don’t have to stay on the strip and spend time in the casinos–something about the atmosphere there. Staying with your parents you can pick and choose the best. Now you need to start compiling a list of what you want to do when you come to Provo. (Can’t believe how much Crawford has grown He looks like a different kid!)

  • Reply Noelle September 10, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    Beautiful Bellagio photos! I don’t know which I’m more in love with, that gorgeous Chihuly glass ceiling or that amazing-looking chocolate fountain!

  • Reply Terri B. September 10, 2007 at 6:20 pm

    It sounds like you had a great time with your family. I especially like the part where you came home with new clothes and shoes! Last time I visited my stepmom, she took me shopping to help me celebrate my weight loss. I had the same experience of coming home with many more clothes than I showed up with. Nice.

    I got your very nice message. It is good to know that people notice your absence. I’ve had quite a summer. We’ve had a lot of family issues to deal with (out of state) and then my very beloved Grandmother passed away about a month ago. I’ve got a post half written about her. Having trouble finding the words, but will hopefully have that posted soon. I’d post about something else, but the thoughts have been a bit odd and scattered.

  • Reply Merrick September 12, 2007 at 3:44 pm

    Great post, and great pictures! Isn’t that chocolate fountain spectacular?!

    I want to see your new stuff!

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