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This week, the iSchool has been buzzing with talk about what classes everyone is taking in summer and fall, since registration opened this week.

I registered first thing on Monday morning, but after some heart-to-heart discussions with some classmates, I rearranged my schedule quite a bit (meaning, I’m taking only one of the four classes I was originally registered for).

And because I flatter myself that you might care what I’ll be taking this fall (you care, right? Please tell me you care), I thought I’d share.

Well, um, okay, the first class is just:

1. Managing Information Services and Organizations. It’s a core class, but it’s from a good teacher (yes, I often assume core class = boring class) so I’m hoping it’ll be interesting and worthwhile despite its requiredness. And Blogger? Don’t bother telling me that “requiredness” is not a word. I don’t need to hear it from you.

Then I’m taking:

2. Public Libraries. I’m excited for two reasons about this class. One, I’d like to work in a public library and two, the class is being taught by the current president of the American Library Association. That’s right, the president of the ALA is on the faculty at my program. (If you’re not a huge giant loser-nerd like me, let me just tell you that the ALA is the group that accredits library masters programs, gives out the Newbery and Caldecott and Prinz awards (and about ten billion other lesser-known awards), and sponsors Banned Book Week and National Library Week and various other totally awesome things).

3. Materials for Young Adults. Hello, giant reading list. Let me frolic with you in a meadow of happiness.

4. Studies in the Book Arts. This is sort of the history of the book industry, rare books, studying manuscripts, illustrations, book binding, etc, etc, etc. It’s being taught by a former iSchooler who now owns and operates a rare book business. Every class is going to be held at the Harry Ransom Center which is the on-campus humanities library and museum. Needless to say, my little history-loving heart beat a little faster when I saw this on the list of course offerings. I only wish my father-in-law could come take it with me (he took a few classes with his daughter when she was a college student and I’m totally jealous of how great that must have been – he’s a fellow book/history/humanities lover. Well, I say fellow, but he has a Ph.D. and I clearly have no interest in getting a Ph.D. because that requires too much time and work and such, so I guess I’m just a junior book/history/humanities lover).

Hey, hey! Wake up! Wipe that drool off your face and pretend you were paying rapt attention. I know you wanted to.

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  1. The rare book class sounds especially exciting. There is something seriously thrilling about handling original material.

  2. I was, I was paying rapt attention. And if I tell George about the class you are taking, he will pay rapt attention, too, as well as being jealous. Sounds like a great schedule.

  3. That sounds incredible! I can’t imagine what my life would be like right now if I were childless and in school. I can, however, imagine how I would take full advantage of vacation blocks! Enjoy. And send me your great new Y/A reading list!

  4. What are you getting your masters in?? Whatever it is, it sounds fantastic and I should sign up quick! Those look like fantastically fun classes. I just love registering for new classes. It is almost as good a treat as the first day when your reading and writing assignments are placed before you like grand dishes on silver platters. Oh, such fun!

  5. I’m very delinquent in commenting but wanted to tell you my most favorite class in my long college career (um, one entire year) was Literature for Young Adults. I have always loved YA fiction. You at least can get away with reading it because you have a class and you’re still young! I’m old and I have to sneak! Oh and I have a copy of the Giver – too bad you can’t run over to borrow it.

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