Some weeks, you’re just on a roll in some aspects of your life (hint: it’s not school – on Thursday, I spent ten minutes arguing with the girl at the print desk who would NOT let me pay for my 7 cent paper because I had to have a DOLLAR to buy a print card, and my fifty cents would not cut it. Also, my credit card? No good. But I couldn’t LEAVE without paying for my paper either. What a nightmare. Why not take my fifty cents, give me a print card and cross off half of it. This ain’t rocket science, folks).

Um, whew. My roll this week is cooking. I’ve been a domestic freakin’ goddess.

Last Sunday, I made this shepherd pie recipe (with ground turkey instead of lamb because lamb = murder (just kidding, of course; the real equation is lamb = gross)).

On Monday, I put this mac and cheese together and had Bart put it in the oven so it was all ready for me when I got home from school at nine p.m. (he didn’t like it, so I’m not recommending this recipe; my mom made it last week, though, and said the family liked it, so I have no idea whether or not you will).

On Tuesday, I made my first ever non-Cream of Chicken Soup enchiladas. And they were amazingly good. Also? Delicious the next day as leftovers.

Wednesday? These pork chops from heaven with this sauce straight from the celestial kingdom. And I made these cookies (alas, not quite as good as I remembered them, although still tasty).

On Thursday, I am in school most of the day, so I did this crockpot recipe and we made tacos with them (complete with homemade guacamole, otherwise know as the tastiest and most fattening way to get your vegetables). I also made some apple syrup to go with our breakfast pancakes.

I didn’t cook on Friday since we had dinner at the airport with my dad and on Saturday we had the rest of the crockpot pork tacos and later I made some rhubarb muffins (depressingly ho-hum). Tonight Bart made meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

And right now, I’m waiting for a pan of chocolate lemon bars to cool. We’ll see how they are (it was basically the only recipe I could find that I had all the ingredients for on hand).

I’m a bit worried, though, that I’ve set a bar for myself that I will never ever ever ever be able to leap again. If that’s the case, I’ll erase this post so that Bart has no proof that I ever was cooking a big dinner every night. And don’t you remind him either.

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  1. You enjoy cooking too much to slow down. I think you’re just getting started . . . 🙂

    And yes – we should go to the gym as soon as I get home tomorrow morning.

  2. I second what sheyenne said. 🙂 Now my days are filled with fish sticks, from the box mac and cheese, and the occassional yummy, homecooked meal. I try really hard but when you have a two year old who freaks out anytime the blender/mixer/chopper is turned on, and who also wants to help mix everything you tend to give up pretty quickly. Kudos to you for being so awesome!

  3. I think it is a truly unselfish post when a recipe is posted. Thank you!

    I feel like I hit the jack pot when a recipe doesn’t contain milk products. Yay pork chops!

  4. Wow, good cooking.

    So your degree will be in Information Studies? or whatever.

    My cousin has her degree in that from BYU. You can check her blog from mine, she’s Eliza. She worked at some College library back east. Cool job, I hear.

    Cute blog, too, BTW.

  5. I feel a little bad too. But I appreciate the yummy suggestions, I plan on trying all of them! I just get scared when meals have weird ingredients that I have never heard of. Give more suggestions when you find yummy things!

  6. Very impressive! I need to catch some of the domestic goddess stuff, I’ve been in a cooking rut!!! So thanks for the recipes.

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