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When we moved to Boston, Bart said he wanted to institute one day a month where we gave each other some sort of small gift. It could be any day of the month and any kind of gift.

You may remember that both Bart and I get kind of stressed out by gift giving. I wondered how this would go.

But, we decided to try it out, calling it “Bart Day” and “Janssen Day.”

In September, I was out in the parking lot of our apartment, getting some things out of the trunk. I turned around and saw Bart just arriving home from work (I may have, um, screamed a little. I am super jumpy, all the time). He had a nice bouquet of flowers for me. Janssen Day!

A few weeks ago, I stopped in at Williams-Sonoma and bought two jars of Muirhead’s Pecan Pumpkin Butter, the key ingredient for these dessert squares. For the past two years, we’ve gone to Williams-Sonoma the day after Thanksgiving and both years they have been passing these out as samples. And both years, they were completely sold out of the Pecan Pumpkin Butter. This year, I thought if I went in before Thanksgiving it might still be available. And what do you know? It was. I printed off the recipe and left it and the two jars on the kitchen table for Bart who was returning from a trip to Wisconsin. Voila! Bart Day.

What’s not to love?

Tuesday was a rather rotten day, including a lovely incident where I set off the car alarm and could not turn it off. It wailed on and on, and I finally had to just give up and take the other car, which put me in a mega bad mood.

Yesterday morning, just after I finished up my classes for the day, I got a text from Bart informing me it was Janssen Day.

Later in the afternoon, when I checked my email, I found a note from the Hornbook Magazine confirming my new subscription. I have been longing for a subscription for about two years now, sitting on the floor in the UT library stacks reading back issues, and hunting down copies at the public library (always without success as they do not like to lend that magazine out).

It was an extremely thoughtful gift and just the perfect antedote to Tuesday’s bad mood.

Now to begin plans for November’s Bart Day. . .

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  1. First of all, what a cool idea. And nice job carrying it out.

    I used to feel like I could gift to Roger easily, and this last year has been hard. He has seriously trumped me every time (like our anniversay last week. His=wonderful mine=kinda lame) Doing this kind of thing would keep you always thinking, always on the lookout. Takes the stress right out of it.

    And one more thing…you are a two car family now?

  2. Awww. Sweet. However, I still think it would stress me out to think of a gift (even a small one) every month.

  3. This is a great idea. All I'd have to do is bake a pecan pie once a month. (Why don't I? They "easy as pie" to make. lol) My husband would be in pig heaven. On the other hand, I shudder to think what my husband would bring me. He just doesn't have a clue. Poor man.

  4. What a very fun thing to do. I love it!
    I am glad that I get to read your blog! I still, in a way, feel like your still right here where you belong. 🙂
    Remember if you ever come back to visit, you have somewhere to stay:)

  5. Well gee….I kind of thought you were kidding when you commented on my blog that you and Bart never fight but I guess I have to believe it now.


    I'm totally jealous.

  6. Swooning…
    SO great!
    I'm a copy cat. Might steal this one.
    btw… November is a really great month to walk to rocky coastline of Maine. How about a Sunday afternoon drive to walk the Marginal Way in Ogunquit?
    Some bread and cheese?
    Love it there.

  7. that's so very cute 🙂 and so lucky to have a great magazine subscription now!

    my boyfriend goes gaga for that pumpkin butter too! check back on the Super For Sale table after Christmas – I usually find a few DEEPLY discounted jars hidden there!

    Fun Fact: I used to live a stone's throw from the Muirhead Restaurant where they make it! Go, Ringoes, New Jersey!

  8. Hey! This looks like a blog worth reading. 🙂 Just noticed your comment on Pinto's blog too. Made me do a double-take. You still want to trade weather? You're on!

  9. I love it, Janssen. In my house, we have a similar holiday called "Nothing Day". The timing for "Nothing Day" is somewhat irregular, but we try to use it to remind ourselves to celebrate. I like your idea of using "Bart Day" and "Janssen Day", though. Very cool! Thanks!

  10. cute idea! i love buying bryan stuff but he never lets me so i could implement this just so that he will let me!

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