Busy Season Aftermath

Last Monday, Bart came home around ten p.m. with the happy news that busy season was over. And even better, he had the rest of the week off.

We made every effort to enjoy the week with him off.

There was lots of hanging around at home (while Ella asked to “weed, weed!”).

But we also got out plenty too.


There were trips to the new park.


And early dinners at The Cheesecake Factory (thanks to Bart’s parents for a gift card)
 followed by the discovery that there is a whole herd of stone cows at the Arboretum (what, you don’t want ride a giant stone cow?)
We had a late lunch in Austin at Hopdoddy’s one afternoon


where Ella thought eating the chipotle ketchup plain was a great idea. Until her tongue (and lips) started burning. Poor baby.


Madeline, her husband, and their darling baby came over for lunch. It’s really nice of people to come over when complete strangers invite them to come eat.
Our Pi Day party was a smashing success (and I happily ate leftover pie for days)



We went for a run as a family one morning, read plenty of books (I’m engrossed in Stephen King’s 11/23/63), watched a couple of movies at home AND recruited Adam to watch Ella while Bart and I hit Mission Impossible 4 (surprisingly good!) at the dollar theater.
There were long evening walks, Pita Fusion, and an embarrassing amount of scones at Landen and Adam‘s place on Sunday night.
Now it’s back to real life, but we have a good time while it lasted.

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  1. Ben was sitting on my lap as I read this post and when he saw the pictures of the stone cows he said "yeehaw!" It looks like you had a fun few day.

  2. She is too much: loving books, kissing spider man, peaking out the window, grabbing someone's hands. Love it.

  3. How wonderful to have Bart home for the week. You deserved it, that's for sure! And the weather was just perfect last week for all your outings.

  4. I had a RS activity on the evening of Pi Day. And that was the day Ike got croup, so pie was not really at the top of my list, and I so wanted it to be. Maybe next year.

  5. Busy seasons are so hard on everyone! Every third month of the year my husband works crazy hours but it makes us appreciate the calmer months all the more. Glad you got some down time together!

  6. Don't you just love those days that stretch out where you can rejuvenate with your family. It sounds like you packed a lot into this special week.

  7. Yay! Dad time is the best. Especially after a long stretch of going-without. It sounds like it was the perfect balance of at-home and out-and-a-about.

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