Because Having A Baby Isn’t Enough Change For Us

About a week and a half ago, Bart came home from work with the news that there was a really good opening with his company at the Austin office and that if he wanted to be considered for it, it looked extremely likely that he’d be offered the job.

We talked about it all through dinner, the dishes, and then on until we went to bed, weighing all the pros and cons, and finally decided that yes, we wanted to try for it.

After that, things moved really quickly, with the office immediately setting up interviews, working out a timeline for when Bart could rotate off his clients here and start on his new client in Austin, and negotiating the transfer details.

One week later, last Wednesday, Bart was officially offered the position, with a start date of August 16th.

Which means we’re moving back to Austin in three weeks.

It’s been extremely helpful that our baby hasn’t arrived yet, as it’s given me a chance to get all the logistics of our move worked out, including selling practically all our belongings (we are taking a single car load of stuff with us, while I fly with the baby into Austin), getting out of our apartment here, and signing on a new apartment in Texas.

Most of me is thrilled at this move; it’s a great career opportunity for Bart, we’ll live about a mile from our old house, near all our friends, we’ll be able to afford a much nicer apartment, and I won’t have to face another Boston winter. I loved Texas, more than I’ve ever loved somewhere I’ve lived, and the prospect of going back permanently thrills me.

But after a year in Boston, it’s also amazingly sad to leave all the good friends we’ve made here (although the fact that most of them are students and will be leaving within a year or two anyway, makes it a bit easier to swallow).

Boston has been beyond good to us – Bart’s job has been a practically unbeatable launching point, I was able to work in my dream job, we got pregnant (and will have this baby at virtually no cost, thanks to the insurance through my job), we’ve made good friends, experienced a lot of the East Coast, and generally just lived it up.

But now it feels like we’re going home.

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  1. You know..last year a few months before Evelynn was born, Kyle lost his job. He searched for a while and the only job that was offering him a decent job was in Virginia. This meant we would have to leave the comfort of Utah (who knew I would ever be sad about leaving there) 2500 miles away. I was very unsure about moving with a new baby, not being able to sell our townhouse and hoping that Kyle liked his new job.
    Lucky for us, Kyle has been gaining much needed recognition and liking his job way better than any job he was offered in Utah. Although this move has been hard, I think I've realized sometimes things come all at once for good reasons.

    Glad to hear you get to move back to a place that you love! I wish you the best with moving and getting things together. Don't stress!!

  2. Oh my goodness, Janssen! I am totally and completely thrilled for you and Bart. What great news and what a wonderful blessing to get to move back to the place you love so much.

  3. Aw, Boston will miss you – but yay for being able to move back to a place you both love! Good luck with the baby and move – that's definitely a lot of work, but I am sure you guys will handle it amazingly. Congrats! 🙂

  4. You know I'm threatening to follow you since you're leaving us west coast lovers here to shiver in the frozen tundra.

  5. You are the best kind of insane. But still insane. I'm so glad you could get most of it done before she gets here. Will your apartment be furnished then?

  6. Wow! This reminds me so much of my post last year about leaving NYC! I'm happy for you. Moving with a newborn (and soon after delivery) will be rough but you'll do fine! Good luck and congrats!

  7. Wahoo!!! I'm just so happy for you guys! (and glad that we won't be the ones saying goodbye this fall, ha!) Texas is very lucky to have you.

  8. This is awesome! I mean, I know of course in a lot of ways it is bittersweet, but it's going to be so wonderful for you guys. Good luck getting all the last-minute details sorted out!

  9. Incredible news! I'm so glad you're going "home" and I'm sure all your Texas friends will be ecstatic! Huge congrats to Bart for landing the dream job.

  10. That is fantastic for you! We moved to texas when our first baby was 2 months old. The difference for you is that you are moving 'home' we were moving to a strange and new place. Best of luck to you! (and i hope the baby comes soon so she isn't too tiny when you travel)

  11. Cool! What ward will you be in? Did you know that we almost moved to Utah but didn't? We're staying. We love it too much here in Austin.

  12. Oh man, so many changes! I'm excited for you (and a little bit tired by proxy:).

    We flew with Katie when she was about 8 weeks old, and then 9 weeks old. It really wasn't bad at all. I just fed her during take-off and touch down, and she pretty much just slept the rest of the time. While I was researching having her fly with us just as an infant in lap, I remember reading something about flight restrictions if their younger than a certain age. Anyway, I found this blog that talks about flying with babies and children from someone who was a flight attendant for awhile. Maybe it will give some good info, and maybe it'll just get chalked up to the mountain of advice that's not needed. 😀

    At any rate, I wish you the very best. You deserve nothing less.

  13. So, you weren't kidding when you said, "hurry and come visit us in Boston." I had no idea that my time would be up so quickly. Apparently we now need to start finding reasons to vacation in Austin. Congrats! I know how thrilled you both must be to be going "home."

  14. At least you have a whole slew of Texas friends who will be ready and willing to help you make the transition back! I bet they've already got the meal-sign up passed around Relief Society.

    So fun to have gotten to experience Back East for a year… and to then go home. Are you sad you don't get to live in your house??

  15. I am really excited for you! So many changes– but wonderful changes. I think it will be great to be near old friends and familiar territory– especially with a new baby. Congrats to Bart on his new job! And major bonus points for great maternity health insurance through your job!

  16. Oh that is great, exciting news! It has been fun to follow your journey in Boston, but I am also very happy that you feel like you're headed back home. Congrats to all of you!

  17. Oh my goodness! That is, just, wow. That's crazy! Good luck, m'dear! (Also–this expalins the 300-book purge)


  18. How exciting! You need the bumper sticker that says something like "I wasn't born here but I came as fast as I could" with the big ol TX flag have you seen it? Glad you're flying that'll make the move seem not that awful at all… I'm going to FB you some more detailed advice about moving with a newborn I just don't feel right about putting on your blog lol.

  19. Congratulations to Bart on the new job. I'm happy that you will be moving back to a place where you have friends. Just be sure that you don't overdo! Moving and a new baby are both stressors, but you will also be closer to your family this way.

  20. Wow…that's exciting news. Will you be in the same Ward and everything?

    (We tore down the house we bought, to build our new house, THE DAY AFTER BABBOO WAS BORN. For reals. Hey, it's good to have multiple things to stress out about!)

    Good luck and congrats to you guys!

  21. Congratulations! I have to say, I enjoyed all your stories about Boston but you did sound really happy in Austin so I'm glad for you that you're going back! It'll be fun to see some of your old friends come back onto the blog 😉

  22. WOW!!!!! Congrats to you guys!!!! I know how much you love Texas so yeah! Life always works out like that- having a baby and moving in three weeks! best of luck to you guys!!!!!

  23. It is really funny how things work out, huh? Good luck with the move with the new baby. At least you are moving back to a place that you know and love.

  24. Congrats! I hope it all goes smoothly. I'm impressed with how calm you are with all the adjustments in your life this past year.

  25. Wow, that is some crazy news. I know someone who is going to be so jealous! 🙂 I hope that everything goes well with the birth, your recovery, and the move. I'm hoping and praying that your recovery especially goes well. But it sounds like you are in amazing shape and should bounce back fairly quickly. The first few of weeks can be rough. Enjoy Texas. I am also curious about the answer to Karina's question. If I was still there, I'd be saying welcome back!

  26. Congrats! You are moving back to Austin and we just left back to CA. Good luck with baby and the move. I have a couple more months until my due date. So move was a little easier.

  27. I know that you love Texas, but I am feeling a little devastated that you are leaving Boston–don't ask me why that is since, you know, I don't actually know you and I don't actually live in Boston.

  28. I'm glad you are going "home." It is a good feeling when it is right.

    I moved during my third trimester of pregnancy, with an 8 month old, and with a six week old (we had to find a house when he was just two weeks old). It seems our life changes happen all at once too. It is hard, but you'll do awesome. I'm sad for one less reason to visit the East Coast, but so glad for you guys.

  29. I'm so excited for you! I was just whining about not getting to live where I want and you were saying how much you miss TX. I am so happy for you that you get to go back and be where you want to be. You've had a great Boston adventure and now you get to settle somewhere you love. Yay!

  30. And the truth shall set you free. Who knew you had such good feelings about TeyHaus. I'm more apt to join you there after reading all that. Imagine all the time and money you'll save not wearing coats!
    1 hour 20 min from San An to Austin. That's doable.

  31. I am just one of many who could not be happier! Welcome Home – Bart, Janssen, and Baby… Now she just has to get here before you board the plane! hugs!

  32. I am just one of many who could not be happier! Welcome Home – Bart, Janssen, and Baby… Now she just has to get here before you board the plane! hugs!

  33. How exciting! It is amazing how things fall into place-Austin will welcome you back as Boston mourns its loss!

  34. That is CRAZY! It's sad to say that I never really saw you that often when you were here….but, now I can "drive over" when I hit you up to borrow a book!

  35. what?! Wow, that's crazy! And kind of pathetic that we made the effort to get to know each other via email/blog, and will never actually meet. I've at least enjoyed your blog, and happy that you were able to experience Boston for a year (kind of like my perfect 2 years in Santa Barbara) and that you can go back to where you wish to be. Good luck with the baby and move!

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