4 October Favorites (+ My Team’s Picks!)

I cannot BELIEVE that we’re at the end of October – this year has truly flown by!

Now that our Paris trip is behind us, we’re settling in for the holidays at home and I’m soaking up every second of the beautiful fall weather.

Here are some of my favorite things right now:

4 October Favorites

ANYWHERE SWEATSHIRT. I have maybe half a dozen sweatshirts in my closet and this one IMMEDIATELY became my favorite one. I love how super soft it is, the color and the raglan sleeve cut. It’s slightly oversized – I ordered my usual XS and it’s a cozy oversized fit (I’m glad I didn’t size up). My code is JANSSEN10



WINTER RUNNING SHOES. I actually bought these last year and just brought them out of my winter storage when I switched all my winter clothes out. I got these when I started getting into running in January and they were the BEST all winter long – it’s pretty freeing to run knowing that even if you step in a big puddle or the ground is snowy, your feet will stay warm and dry (and that you have great traction). I bought my pair after Bart bought a pair of them which he wore all winter long as regular daily shoes because they were so comfortable and he didn’t have to worry about them getting soaked by snow. (I have the non-waterproof ones too in pink for when it’s not rainy, snowy and slushy outside).


BLACK DISHES. I mentioned these before in my post about Halloween traditions, but they’re just too good not to mention again. I love how they’re extra fun for Halloween but also work perfectly year-round and they look WAY more expensive than they are. I ordered two sets of four but I’m considering getting one more so I have twelve full place settings.





NO-SHOW SOCKS. I talked about my favorite sneakers (these ones) that I wore during our trip to Paris and everyone wanted to know what socks I wear with them! These are my absolute favorite no-show socks. They don’t slip down during the day, even with miles and miles of walking and they last forever. I got my first pair as a gift from my sister-in-law five years ago and they still look basically brand-new.



And here are my team’s picks!


Hanging Reusable Plastic Cups
I would absolutely love having a drinking fountain in our house, however we don’t really have a spot for one and more than anything, we don’t want to spend the money on installing a drinking fountain. Because my kids are always thirsty and we are trying to promote water drinking as much as possible I wanted an easy solution to getting a drink quickly when playing or at meal time. We tried keeping reusable water bottles in the fridge, but then we would forget to wash them as often as we should and they would get gross. We also tried insulated water bottles for each of them and I couldn’t stand the counter clutter. I came across these and they have completely solved the problem of washing one million cups a day and counter clutter. We have them on the side of our fridge (I didn’t really want them visible at all times), and my kids use them multiple times a day!


Halloween Bat Garland 
Every holiday that comes around, my five year old gets so excited to decorate the house, and then is immediately disappointed when the decorations, or the lack there of get pulled out. We live in a small house and have moved somewhat frequently over the past decade. Bulky, hard to store decorations are not my thing, but I am trying to find some fun decorations that add some festive spirit without being obnoxious or difficult to store off season. I bought these bat banners from Amazon with wood beads and felt bats and hung them above the windows in our living room. They come already assembled and take just a couple of minutes to hang up. Oh and right now it’s 3 banners for $10!


Built-in Children’s Toilet Seat
This is probably the most ridiculous thing to see on a favorite things list, but I truly love this toilet seat. We are in the beginning of phases of potty training our youngest and this toilet seat is a game changer! When our toddlers need to use the toilet, the built-in potty seat folds down (no more falling into the toilet), and when they are finished it magnetically folds up into the toilet lid. Plus, it has a slow close lid that is MAGICAL, I have not heard a toilet seat slam in ages! No more having to take a training potty on and off the toilet, or dumping a little baby potty after each use.


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  1. The built in drinking fountain is worth it. My parents had one growing up and it was awesome. However, there was still cups out all over the place, so maybe not worth it. But for the grandkids, it is an awesome solution.

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